In today’s world, due to pollution, stress, air pollution and food spoilage, we live large deformation of genetic of cell size. These deformations cellular are problematic, particularly in cell renewal. These cause the rapid regeneration and early aging problems of the skin and cause the problems such as hair loss. The most important causes of the environment that cause hair loss are the contamination and genetic deformation of food. This deformation leads not only the hair loss but also causes many diseases. Similarly, stress can also damage cells of hair follicles and causes the hair loss. Stress has a great effect on hair loss. More stressed you are, more you lose your cellulles and more you have hair loss. Poor diet and little nutrition is another factor affecting your hair.

As the body’s cells do not have enough nutrients, the hair roots begin to die and fall over. Similarly, the dehydration can damage the hair roots. Pollution and not having sufficient oxygen can kill also the cells which decrease the hair roots and will go caused the hair loss.

There are many indicators that the hair loss is genetic. Some of the reasons our hair loss can be genetic. If the parents or relatives parents have the hair loss and baldness is visible, the person is more likely to be. Similarly, old age may cause hair loss. As we get older the cells lose their ability to renew itself and begins to die. This also causes hair loss. Besides this these reasons, there are different diseases that causes the hair loss. If your hair has started to fall suddenly and abundantly, it will be helpful to consult a doctor.

Another factor that causes the hair loss is to do hair care wrong. Shampoo, creams and other cosmetics that are not adapted to the structure of hair, will weaken your hair and damage the roots of your hair. One of the main reasons that cause hair loss is the use of bad cosmetics. In the same way can also cause damage to the hair and make them bold. The products such as hair sprays and hair gels which hardened your hair for to get shape, causes hair loss.

Hair roots that do not breathe are weakened and begin to die. That is leads the falls. What you need to do to protect and prevent hair loss is to use cosmetics to suit your hair, do not use products that will damage your hair, like the gels, have a healthy diet and do sport for reject toxins faster. Your hair is one area of your body that is very much sensible in contrast to his appearance. For this reason, we must protect and care our hair with interest.