There are many people, especially men, suffering from the issue of hair loss. Hair loss can lead to balding if not treated and the most efficient way of treating it is hair transplantation. The effectiveness of hair transplantation is the main cause why many people choose to have it.

The field of hair transplantation is improving every day. It is a growing industry and Turkey is one of the leaders in the market. You may have heard that many people prefer to have their hair transplant operations in Turkey. The number of tourists visits Turkey for medical purposes is around 500.000 per year. 60.000 of these tourists come to Turkey for having a hair transplant.

Prices for hair transplantation operations play a big part in this. To give an example, a transplant operation that costs $20,000 in the US can be performed for $1,500 – $2,000 in Turkey. Or another operation that costs £10,000 in the UK can also be performed in Turkey for around £1,200 – £1,800. This huge gap in the prices attracts many tourists who want to go abroad for a vacation and have a hair transplant while saving some money as well.

Why are the prices in Turkey lower compared to other countries?

Well, the answer to that is actually simple. The cost of labor is lower in Turkey compared to other countries. The value of the Turkish Lira is also lower compared to the US dollar and the UK’s pound. Two of these factors impact the prices of hair transplant operations greatly.

It is important to note that lower prices don’t necessarily mean lower quality or inexperienced staff. In fact, Turkey is the second country that has the biggest number of health institutions approved by the JCI. Turkey has vast numbers of experienced clinicians many of which contribute to the literature of the field of hair transplantation. Advanced equipment for performing the latest techniques of hair transplantation is also available in most of the hair transplantation clinics. These factors maximize the quality of the operations performed in Turkey. But these factors aren’t the only reasons why many people prefer to have hair transplants in Turkey.

Reasons to prefer Turkey

As we have mentioned above, high quality and low prices are not the only reasons why people prefer Turkey. One of the other factors is the geographical position of Turkey. As you might know, Turkey is a country bridging the two continents: Asia and Europe. For this reason, patients from European countries, North African countries, and Gulf countries come to Turkey for hair transplantation.

Professional services that many clinics in Turkey provide is also a big factor. These services start from the airport where you’re taken from to the place where you accommodate. Clinics also provide translation services so that you can feel comfortable communicating.

Another reason why many people prefer Turkey is that Turkey has many historical and natural places to visit all around the country. You can make this trip fun and worthwhile.