Hair transplant becomes a serious field in the world. People have been visiting countries with the purpose of medical tourism. The numbers are increasing day by day and hair transplant has an important place in medical tourism. Especially Turkey, in which approximately 200 patients per day do aesthetic applications and processes, holds an important place in the world in terms of successful hair transplantation.

Omer Tontuş, General Director of Health Promotion of the Ministry of Health, said that medical services hold an important place in tourism. About the future of hair transplantation in Turkey, Tontuş states that the quality and quantity of these services are getting better and Turkey aims to become a prominent country in this field. According to the statistics, Turkey is one of the most visited countries in the world in terms of aesthetic applications especially quality hair transplantation.

Tontuş states that Turkey is a pioneer in world health tourism. Especially medical treatments, facilities for the elderly and disabled people and aesthetic surgery applications. Tontuş says that successful hair transplant occupies an important place in health tourism. According to the Ministry of Health Turkey is one of the most successful countries for attracting foreign people for a health procedure. It has the highest rate of hair transplantation in the world. Within the scope of this perspective, the world’s most tourist receiving country for plantation in Turkey. Turkey is one of the most successful countries in hair transplantation all over the world. The average number is 200 patients per day in Turkey. They are encouraging patients to have hair transplantation. This number is growing at weekends. The patients are mostly coming from gulf countries.

Turkey has various professional facilities for hair transplantation. These experienced clinics allow you to have a steady and unaffected social life after the operation. You can continue your daily life easily after hair transplantation.


There are a few precautions for the patients who come to Turkey from another country for hair transplant of quality. However, after one day of arrival, you can get into the aesthetic surgery easily. This is a precaution for the patient’s safety. After the application, people can continue their lives in social life. This is an important advantage for the person who has limited time and lots of important stuff to do. This is valid for all of the aesthetic surgeries. Specialists state that the people who will make this kind of applications prefer the provinces where socio-cultural activities are high.

Other ideal countries for quality hair transplantation are Middle Eastern countries, Germany, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya. Because the process takes a few hours and the patient can go sightseeing as a tourist after the surgery. Those who come for hair transplantation return to their country in about 5 days. However, they also can return to their countries after two days of recovery.

In Turkey, clinics perform most applications like successful hair transplant. The majority comes from Gulf countries to Turkey as the hair loss is extremely high in those countries. Apart from Gulf countries and Turkish citizens, India and Thailand citizens also come to Turkey for such reasons. It is important that the distance is short. Therefore, the closest country in which the hair transplant applications exist is the most valuable country for this field. In Turkey, the cost of implementation is more affordable than the countries with the same quality of service. Therefore, this makes Turkey as an ideal country for aesthetic applications especially for hair transplantation in the world. The world also knows Turkey because of hair transplant applications.