Every person wants to have their old and natural hair back in the shortest time. It is quite normal for patients who want to have a hair transplant to be impatient. Therefore, “When does the transplanted hair grow?” is one of the most frequently asked questions to us about the hair transplant operation. If the hair transplant operation is successful, the transplanted hair will begin to grow immediately. However, it takes a few months for the hair to gain its volume. This process is different for each person: the speed of hair growth and the hair structure are some of the determining factors. After the hair transplant, patients must follow our doctors’ instructions in order to see the effects immediately. Otherwise, it will take a long time for hair to grow after the hair transplant.

After the hair transplant operation, the patient’s hair falls out after a few months. However, this is quite normal and he/she should not worry about it. After the hair falls out, the new hair starts to grow immediately. Following the first 6 months, the transplanted hair will grow visibly. As of the 8th month, the hair gets a certain volume and starts to grow dense. After the hair transplant, your hair growth will be completed in a year. In the following years, the transplanted hair gets in a normal cycle and continues to grow with your own hair.

Growth Process of the Transplanted Hair

First 30 days: After the hair transplant operation, scabs occur on the patient’s scalp. If you wash your hair as our doctors instructed, the scabbed tissue starts to heal. Although it varies for each patient, it usually takes up to 10 days: scabs fall off within 10 days. When the tissues complete falling off, hair continues to heal with the washing process. At this stage, it is very important for the patient to be gentle and careful while washing his/her hair in order for the hair transplant to be successful.

2nd Month: Scabs are already fallen off in the second month of the hair transplant operation. That way, hair completes the healing process. The transplanted hair starts to grow. However, in the second month of the hair transplant, hair suddenly falls out. This is a natural condition and it is expected by our doctors. The patients should not worry and stress about it. Many patients may have itching in the transplanted area. They must not scratch it and be patient in order for the operation to be completed successfully.

3rd – 4th Month: In the 3rd – 4th months, hair loss stops completely. From this month, your new and permanent hair begins to grow. However, the patient must wait a few more months in order for the hair to get a visible volume. Following these months, the permanent hair transplant operation is successfully completed.

What You Should Do for Hair to Grow Faster

  • You should use shampoos and special hair care creams continuously which our specialist doctors prescribe for you.
  • After the hair transplant operation, you should wash your hair as our doctors instructed you.
  • You can use reinforcing products such as nourishing hair care creams for your hair, under the supervision of our doctors.
  • You must definitely live a stress-free life during the hair transplant process.
  • After the hair transplant, you must reduce alcohol consumption and smoking.
  • You must prevent any contact of chemical products with your hair.
  • Except washing, you must not touch the transplanted hair.