Just like most of the plastic surgery operations, some negative conditions may also occur in hair transplant operations. The fact that scabs occurring after a hair transplant is one of them. The patient usually notices these scabs a few days after the operation. Since it is a very natural condition, every patient has these scabs after the hair transplant; there is nothing that you should worry about. Scabs are part of the healing process in the hair transplant and it is a natural response of the human body.

Causes of Scabs After the Hair Transplant

In hair transplant operations, channels are opened on the scalp in order to transplant the hair follicles. The separated hair follicles are transferred to these channels. The body reacts to these opened channels with forming scabs. Incisions on the scalp are the reason for the scabs. The body reacts as this way to protect the injuries from external factors in order to prevent the risk of an infection. This is the main reason for the scabs after a hair transplant.

When Does Scabs Fall Off After Hair Transplant?

When do The Scabs Fall After The Hair Transplant Operation?”. It is one of the most frequently asked questions by our patients. After the hair transplant operation, the patient’s hair is washed by our specialist doctors. Special shampoos and lotions in this wash support the healing process: we can even say that it begins after the first wash. However, the recovery time after a hair transplant varies from person to person. The patient’s age, past illnesses, and his/her body immunity are some of the factors that affect the recovery time. Antibiotics, which our specialist doctors prescribe to you, will speed up the healing process after the hair transplant. If you wash your hair regularly as instructed, after the hair transplant the scabs will fall off earlier than expected.

Scabs Fall Off After the Hair Transplant

Each patient can’t wait for the scabs to fall off after the hair transplant. However, most people do not know the fact that the scabs are part of the recovery. The body must complete the healing process in order for the scabs to fall off after the hair transplant. If the scabs fall off (or they are ripped off) due to external factors before they are supposed to, it affects the transplanted area. The transplanted hair may not be natural and permanent like you want. Therefore, you must be patient while waiting for the scabs to fall off. You should do our specialist doctors’ instructions continuously.

It usually takes a week before the scabs fall off after the hair transplant. However, this period may decrease or increase depending on the immune system of the patient. The patient should keep his/her morale high and continue to do the instructions, these will make the scabs fall off faster.