Before the hair transplant operation, most clients forget to ask the doctors about the time when they are allowed to shave after the hair transplant process has been completed. Like most of the surgical operations, hair transplant too requires some time to heal and recover.

After the hair transplant operation the new hair will slowly start to grow in the areas where the hair taken from the donor area is implanted. Meanwhile the hair in the areas which already had hair before will keep growing normally like they used to. This will cause an asymmetrical appearance which will not be pleasant for the clients.

If you want to get a haircut after the hair transplant operation, you will have to follow some instructions that your doctor will give to you. Following the instructions about when and how you can get your haircut and doing precisely what you’re instructed to do will prevent any damage you may accidentally give to the freshly implanted hair.

Haircut with Scissors After Hair Transplant

Scissors are the first instrument that you will be allowed to use for getting a haircut after the hair transplant. Three weeks after the hair transplant operation, you are permitted to cut the donor area. And for cutting the implanted area you need to wait at least one month; you should consult your doctor before getting the haircut. If it’s not really needed it’s highly recommended to wait more than one month before getting the first haircut.

Your first haircut after the hair transplant surgery is going to be done by scissors. There is a couple of instructions that you need to follow during this very first haircut process for the implanted area.

First of all, you must inform your hairdresser that you have had a hair transplant. Because this is very important for the hairdresser to know for being extremely careful and sensitive during the haircut process.

The scissors and the comb that the barber will use must be sterile and you should not use someone else’s comb or scissors. The scissors should not touch the hair follicles and the actions that may damage the scalp should be avoided. This may undermine the success of the hair transplant operation.

Hair Clipper & Straight Razor

Third month is the appropriate time if you intend to get a haircut with a hair clipper. It is still very early for using a straight razor; it can damage the new hair follicles which the you will have after the hair transplant. When you are shaving with a hair clipper, use a personal one and avoid using someone else’s hair clipper.

Shaving with a straight razor after a hair transplant operation is possible only after 6 months. This is the amount of time that the hair follicles require to have enough strength to endure a haircut done by a straight razor; after 6 months, it is possible to shave with any instrument you choose.