Hygiene is very important in our society. We tend to reject who is not hygienic. That’s why most people take showers each and every day.

One of the questions the hair transplantation candidates frequently ask is whether they can take a shower after a hair transplant operation. You are not allowed to take showers for two days after having a hair transplant. To be clearer, you can have a shower as long as you don’t wash your head. But avoid using hot water as vapour can make your scalp itch even more. It’s needless to say that you should be very careful while taking a shower. Not being able to wash your head may annoy you but don’t forget that this is for your own sake.

You will have some wounds on your both recipient and donor areas after having a hair transplant. These wounds will scab over in time and may even become itchy. You have to resist the temptation of itching them and avoid washing your head. Your transplants will require some time to attach to your scalp. If you wash your head, you will certainly damage your scalp. This will cause you to lose some of your transplants. Losing some of the transplanted follicles will definitely affect the results of the operation.

Your First Head Wash

The clinic where you had your hair transplant will perform your first head wash two days after the operation. The staff there will gently wash your head, using special products that don’t do any harm to your transplants. They will also explain how you should wash your head thereon.

The scab on your head will be washed away with your first head wash. This will significantly reduce your itching.

Listen to the explanations of the experts carefully. You will have to wash your head afterwards. Any wrongdoing will permanently damage your transplants, and this will have irrevocable consequences.