A healthy individual holds around 100.000 hair follicles on his scalp; these hair follicles can renew and repair themselves countless times. It is normal for every individual to lose a certain amount of hair strands on a daily basis. When the daily quantity of the hair that is lost starts to increase, this may be related to a couple of different reasons.

It is normal to have an increase on the quantity of hair strands that fall when you are in spring months. This is most probably due to seasonal changes and it’s nothing that you should really be worried about. Although the expected quantity of hair strands you lose in a single day is around 50-100; it is not unusual to lose up to 200 hair strands in the spring months.

What are the possible reasons of the hair loss?

There are a number of factors that may cause hair loss or increase the amount of hair that you already lose casually just like a regular healthy individual does. Sometimes it may just be a simple and temporal cause like being in the spring months, but it can also be related to other reasons.

Stress is among the major causes of hair loss. Being exposed to high amounts of stress may increase your hair loss problem. Sometimes this may be a temporal cause and stop after a short while. Sometimes it may take more until the severity of the hair loss decreases.

If you are losing more hair strands than you usually do, another reason behind this may be a surgery or any kind of medical process that you have recently went through; or the side effects of a medication that you are using. If this is the cause of the increase in the quantity of hair strands you lose daily, it will turn back to normal after a period of time when you heal from the surgery or you cease taking the medications that you are using.

What to do for not exceeding the daily limit of hair loss?

Being careful about the hair products that you use is a smart idea. You should avoid choosing products that contains chemicals such as sulfur or lead.

If you are using any medications that may cause hair loss as a side effect, you can consult your doctor and stop taking that medication.

If the reason behind your increased hair loss is stress, you should certainly avoid stressful environments. Taking a vacation with your family or friends may be a smart idea to feel less stressful and giving your mind some time to heal.

Generally, the daily hair strands that we lose are just broken hair and they do not include hair follicles. If they happen to fall with the follicles that means it’s a more severe hair loss and in this case; consulting a doctor before you lose more hair is highly recommended.