Hair loss is a problem women may experience as well, even though it is identified with men by the public. Depending on genetic problems, it can start at an early age in both women and men. The sparseness in the front part of the hair is considered as the beginning of baldness. The earlier the precaution is taken for patients with baldness, the higher the success rate of hair transplant operation.

Most of our patients who have hair transplants are between the ages of 21 – 50. However, there is not an age limit for hair transplant operations. For hair transplant operations, the rate of hair loss is determinant, rather than the patient’s age. If the baldness started being visible on the patient, he/she is an ideal candidate for hair transplant.

The age Limit for Hair Transplant

There is not an age limit for hair transplant operations. However, the earlier the patient applies for the hair transplant operation, the better the result he/she will get. The viability and productivity of the hair follicles, which are taken as donors, are very important for the success of the operation. Hair density decreases as people grow old. For that reason, precautions should be taken before it is too late, in order to prevent hair loss and not to have any baldness problems.

How Long Does Hair Transplant Take?

Hair transplant is a frequently performed operation in Turkey. For the operation, 2 days will be enough. However, our patients coming from abroad generally prefer to stay in Istanbul for 5 days. We recommend you to visit our clinic, if you want to solve your baldness problems permanently and see the beauties of Istanbul. In addition, hair transplant prices are almost at half-price compared to other countries, so it is a great advantage for patients who want to have natural and healthy hair. You can contact us if you want to get more information about hair transplant operation, see our clinic, and be examined by our specialist doctors.