PRP treatment, which means “Platelet Rich Plasma”; is the name given to the separation of blood plasma and the red blood cells; by a variety of methods and application. The plasma under the skin in the areas needed and these increase the speed of renewal of cells roots, this treatment is called so. In the treatment of PRP, blood taken by the patient is separated and thanks to this, the own blood plasm is occurred.

As the plasma treatment is the strain of root cells, it is applied for corrected, in the area needed, in scars, acne, traces of acne, wrinkles and skin deformation. With this application, the root cells increase their speed which based on the plasma; renew himself more quickly. PRP method is been used since longtime in abroad. At the same time, the PRP method that came to our country since a while, and tried by thousands of people and is successful. The PRP is applied against the need between 2 and 6 sessions.

The delay between each session is generally 2-4 weeks. Following these sessions and the application of plasma in this series, the success is guaranteed. The skin renew with the PRP method is permanent.

However, in fact, due to aging that we live in because of our genetic structure which in the cells, it is advisable to renew this technique, all the 8-10 months. Platelet Rich Plasma treatment is often chosen for the care of acne scars, aging skin and wounds.

Patients crowned this success continues to apply this treatment for keep their youth.

Called the treatment Platelet Rich Plasma, treatment can be as a failure. Because this procedure requires continuity and the goal is to eliminate the problems of the person; allow him to keep his youth. Plasma cells obtained during PRP treatment protects the youth of the person and made talking about his youth for many years.

Similarly, the person who follows the PRP treatment eliminates all traces like acne scars. It allows to the person to feel better. In addition to this healing through the help of PRP, the person have more confidence in himself; related to this allow the person to access to the success more easily.