Human hair is one area, genetically acquired by parents and their genealogical tree. Beginning from the forehead to the root of neck, which protect its existance through cells called hair root cells. These cells live between two and seven years of our body.

The hair cells are completely bound to DNA. Problems like baldness and hair loss are encrypted in the DNA. All these genetic links can create problems favorable or unfavorable compared to the genealogical tree, to the health and life of the person.

Meanwhile in the head of a persone there are about 100,000 hair roots. This hair roots becomes the hairs which complete esthetic appearance of a person and creates a head that pleases the eye. Keratin is a protein in hairs. This protein is the material of base of each hair which is in your head.
The root of each hair strand of human connects with his own vein to the circulatory system of the body. These veins, transfer in healthy, the vitamins and minerals necessary for hair and allow to the hair to grow in healthy.

But the roots of hair cells can renew themselves. Although their average life span is between 2 and 7 years, it is not possible that the hair follicles are ending. A person, who has perfect hair cells genetically, will never meet in his life the problems like the hair loss or baldness.

Therefore the hair are an important element which complete the appearance aesthetic of our body. This aesthetic, increases the confidence of human, and makes you feel at ease among the look of others.

The hairs are a part important of our body and we do not see this until the lose it. If we put aside the genetic reasons; it is our duty to protect and take care of our hair. That is to say, we protect existing cells and you will have healthy hair.