Many men and women experience different degrees of hair loss and the reason is mainly an imbalance in hormones. Hormonal hair loss is seen in more than half of men until the age of 50. Even some teenagers begin to lose their hair towards the end of puberty or early twenties. Hair loss in women usually occurs during pregnancy or at the menopause. People have tried many different hair loss treatments. There are pills that suppress the hormones that cause hair loss, laser devices, and lotions for your scalp.

However, all of them have advantages or drawbacks. Some of them cause severe side effects, such as fewer sperm counts. Furthermore, most of these treatments cannot be used in pregnant or nursing women. You should many of these methods for at least a couple of months to see the effect.

The Advantages of Hair Transplantation

Contrary to medication treatment, the hair transplantation process is highly successful and offers long-term, natural results. The advantages of hair transplantation are:

It is successful in the treatment of hair loss in large areas.

It can compensate for a full hair loss.

You get natural-looking hair.

Both men and women can use.

Your hair does not fall out again.

Transplantation contributes to your self-confidence.

Hair transplantation techniques have improved greatly in the last 20 years and serious progress has been made in this area; now provides a completely realistic and natural-looking hair. You can talk to your doctor about how you want your new hair. Specialists in this area can ensure that there is minimal scarring on the back of your head.

Disadvantages of the hair transplantation process

Despite all surgical developments, hair transplantation may have some drawbacks.

The long hair transplantation process


Recovery Time

The scars may remain due to wrong applied FUE operations

New hair takes a long time to grow

Hair around the transplanted area – if not done in a specialist centre – may fall out after a while

A standard hair transplant is a long surgical procedure that requires you to sit on a chair for up to nine hours. The results are certainly worth it. However, a long period of surgical operation, make it more expensive than other methods. On the other hand, it gives a permanent result. Therefore, people usually pay for the cost.

Although hair transplantation is usually a one day process, growth of transplanted hair does not occur immediately. You’ll see the outline of your new hairline right away, but you should wait for the natural hair. You don’t have to worry as the transplanted hair comes out of your own hair follicles. Finally, sometimes there may be hair loss in areas around the hair transplantation area. This is the result of the expansion of your natural hair loss area. In such cases, it is recommended to use other hair loss treatments such as medications or local lotions.