Health tourism, which has an important place in Turkey particularly treating many patients from abroad for hair transplantation. Turkey is at the forefront in the field of hair transplantation; also foreign tourists are very interested to this aesthetic operations. Turkey has many reasons why it is preferred for this procedure.

First of all, the hair transplant price in Turkey is much more favorable than in other foreign countries. Not only the low prices is the thing that makes Turkey a leader in this area but also with levels of expertise and technological capabilities are the things that brings Turkey to the number one position in the transplantation.

There are many centers throughout the country and therefore competition is increasing. The increase in competition has also witnessed significant improvements in terms of improving conditions and quality. The competition of the health centers has led the centers to conduct their studies more meticulously. The number of patients treated has witnessed significant increases in Turkey in recent years. Lately more than 60.000 tourists came to for Turkey hair transplant.

Many Turkish surgeons conduct research abroad and contribute to various hair transplantation studies. Since the developments and changes in medicine have spread to the world from Turkey in the light of the latest technologies, hair transplant specialists are proud of this. In addition to this, the successful operation rates that spread in the world in a short period of time provide a significant advantage for patients who is considering to have a transplantation operation.

Is Hair Transplantation Expensive in Turkey?

The cheap price range enables Turkey to get patients even from United States. There is opportunity to choose the appropriate budget, various promotional and discounted periods of the transplantation and it leads to purchase at an affordable price. Also, many European companies are organizing medical tours in Istanbul.

In addition, patients can choose to stay in Istanbul for a week depending on holiday policies of the company. While having their procedures and enjoying the city, they become close to their surgeons in any situation. Shortening the healing time with the method used in Turkey is also one of the most important reasons for preference the country for transplantation.

Among the methods used by Turkey’s professionals are PRP assisted Fue, mesotherapy, sedated fue, unshaved fue, stem cell fue. Turkey also has wide range of affordable and luxury centers. With the importance given to health tourism, these centers also offer very detailed services from transferring to airports to giving accommodation options to the patients until the end of their travels.