The hairs, in human life, begin to grow since you are a baby, and depending on various factors the do not leave throughout life. They help to protect the brain from the heat or cold. They also bring the aesthetic beauty to humans and interest in many other subjects. Innate, genetically known by the cells of the body and how production is encrypted in DNA databases of our cells; the production of hair consists of several steps.

Stages of  Hair Formation

Scientists examine the four stages of hair formation by different classifications. That is, the terminal hairs, hairs intermediate, hairs from the infantile period and lanugo.

The lanugo period: Step Lanugo, by definition, is fragile hairs that are produced by cells in the period of pregnancy, when he is in mother’s womb. These hairs appear when the baby is three months in the womb and it falls after childbirth. The first period where the hairs appear is the stage of lanugo.

The hairs obtained during this period are not permanent; they fall through the natural cycle after birth.
The hair of the infantile period; After the reversal of the hairs that grow in the period Lanugo, is the name given to the period in which, alongside the formation of eyelashes, eyebrows; there is the formation of hair in the head area. The bristles of the infantile period do not fall generally to the point disappear.

The terminal hairs: This is the period where the hairs are formed. The terminals hairs are hairs forming in the arms and legs and hair that grows on the head. At that time the human being earns her hair and protects the hair in question.

Being linked to the genetic encoding of the person, to have the falls or not depends on the person. In healthy cells there is no falls, only linked to the genetic encoding of the person, that the person may experience problems such as falls and baldness.

The hairs intermediate : During this period, with the effect of adolescence, it appears hair in the genital area, under arms and for men in the area of beard and mustache. All those hairs that are in our body, will count hair, which is why the period of hair intermediate is part of the stages of hair. The hair intermediate is permanent it is very rare to see spills.