The hair, are both sensitive and an area important of the body. The hair roots, as their cells that feel most the blood circulation is open to all negativity that may come through the blood. This causes the hair loss, sometimes, due to medication or sometimes due to the hormonal imbalance. So our hair roots can be affected by stress and our state of mind. This is the most important thing to take care of these cells that are sensitive.

The Hair roots that have a texture so sensitive; have at the same time an importance of visual image. Throughout history, the hairs of people were portrayed. The hair adds the beauty to the beauty of the person.

Painters, poets, sculptors, were often inspired by a person’s hair and created works of art in relation to this. Like the situation is like this, we try to take care of our hair and trying to make it look good by using cosmetics.

However, these treatments do, often due to bad use of cosmetics or excessive attrition leads to more harm than good. In cosmetics, we often see a categorization separated into three classes, called “for oily hair, dry or normal.” This is true; however, a person’s hair may look greasy but be dry in true. It is very hard to understand the properties of your hair without the analysis. To do this, you must consult specialists to perform the analysis.

Besides the bad choice of cosmetics, hair dyes and styling products are among the factors that cause hair loss by damaging the hair follicles. In particular, hair dyes, include the chemicals which damage the hair and hair roots. Similarly, styling products, damaging the hair roots and causes the hair loss.

The frequent brushing of hair, the massage of head which is doing without thinking, damages the cells roots directly and causes the hair loss. For this reason, you should avoid the unconscious use of cosmetics and styling products.