There are plenty of factors determining your fitness for a hair transplant operation. Your age, suitability of your donor area, your thinning rate and/or your type of hair loss pattern are some of these factors. However, there is a much more important factor, and it is your medical condition. We know that many people suffer from conditions such as high blood pressure , diabetes and cardiac diseases. But do these conditions affect the hair transplantation operation and if they do, how so?

So, can patients with these mentioned conditions have hair transplants? The answer to that question differs depending on the condition that the patient suffers from.

In the case of high blood pressure, patients must first seek the advice of their doctor. If they can get the approval of their doctors, then it will probably be safe for them to have a hair transplant. But it is highly possible that they will be prescribed with some medications in order to keep their blood pressure under control during the operation. This will, of course, be very useful for both the patient and the surgeon performing the operation.

Is Hair Transplantation Done for Diabetes Patients?

It is tricky to answer this question for diabetes patients. We all know that the hair transplant operation is very safe. It can be performed on people of certain age with a certain degree of balding. But if the person, who wants to have a hair transplant, suffers from diabetes, he or she must consult his or her doctor first. If their doctor sees no problem whatsoever, then they should consult their hair transplant surgeon. The reason why this is important is that each patient with diabetes uses different dosages of different medications as a treatment for their conditions.

This is because blood sugar levels are different for each patient. Some medications that the patients use may dilute their blood, and this may cause a risk during the operation. So, patients who use medications with this effect are not advised to have a hair transplant. If there are no problems and the doctors approve the operation however, the patients can have a hair transplant on condition that their blood sugar is kept on safe levels with the help of medications.

Is Hair Transplantation Performed in Heart Patients?

Answering this question for patients with cardiac diseases is also a bit complicated. It is not recommended for those who had cardiac surgery to have a hair transplant. However, if the patient’s cardiologist concludes that it is safe, then the patient can undergo this operation. So, it is important to consult your cardiologist first.

Is Hair Transplantation Done in Hepatitis C, HIV and Hemophilia Patients?

Aside from these diseases that we have mentioned, we should definitely note that patients who have Hepatitis C, HIV and Hemophilia cannot have hair transplantation. Patients with Hepatitis B, however, can have hair transplants as they please.

It is crucial that you inform your transplant surgeon about the conditions you are suffering from. Hiding your medical conditions might have lethal consequences.