About the hair transplant, with the technique failure used in the past, humanity made new inventions. Specially, with the help of technology nowadays very developed, success is inevitable in the hair transplant. The developed techniques of hair transplant, according to the demands and needs of individuals; will help to achieve results and precise as effective.

Specially, techniques hair transplant done by specialized clinics and medical specialists allow giving humanity wishes. Unlike to techniques that were false and missing in the past, the new technologies developed in the field of hair transplant can give natural appearance desired.

FUE Hair Transplant Technique

It is important that the technique FUE Hair Transplant must be performed by expert clinics and professional, with the application of local anesthesia in the planting area, the hair roots taken with a micro motor of a diameter of 0.8 mm are queued with the method of the cold chain until planting. Hair roots waiting which in the cold chains are placed in the channels open with the technique FUE PLUS. This technique used for this procedure is the method that requires a lot of attention and professionalism. Our clinic performs this technique successfully.

With the technique FUE PLUS after hair transplant, the patient has a transplant completely natural, as he wishes, unlike other methods. As channels method is not used, there will not be injuries or bleeding during transplantation. Hair transplant done with the technique FUE PLUS, can take between 7-8 hours. The recovery time is much faster after transplantation with this technique.

The hair had after transplantation had a completely natural appearance. The technique FUE PLUS can be used for an area completely bald but for the transfer for transplant in an area depleted. With this technique compared to other techniques the hair transplant are more dense and frequent.