The first week after the hair transplant is one of the most important periods in which the patient should be careful for the success of the operation. What you should do after the hair transplant is determined by our specialist doctors. When you keep doing as our doctors instruct, it increases the success of the operation and speeds up your recovery time. Especially in the first days, you should lie on your back and protect the transplanted area against external factors. For example, if you hit your head, the hair follicles in the area, where the hair transplant is performed, may be dislodged and it will prevent your new hair from growing. Even if your hair grows, it may not get the natural look like you want. Therefore, you should be careful after the hair transplant. You should not sweat much in the first week. What is more, you should live a stress-free life and eat regularly.

There are some rules that you should follow in order for your hair to look natural.

The First 5 Days After the Hair Transplant Operation

The post-operative process in hair transplant can be different for each patient. The donor area, from which the hair follicles are extracted, is wrapped with bandages by our specialist doctors to protect it from microbes. The patient can leave our clinic with it, there is no need to open the bandage. Since the patient will be conscious during the operation, there is no need for him/her to stay in the hospital. However, for some patients there is no harm in staying at our clinic for a day. There are some matters that the patient should be careful about after leaving our clinic:

  • The transplanted area and the donor area must be protected against external impacts.
  • The patient should not sweat; therefore, he/she should not do physical exercise for a while.
  • The transplanted area should be exposed to air; therefore, the patient should not wear tight hats.
  • The patient does not need to rest after the operation, however, if you want you can rest for a day to feel yourself better.
  • The patient may feel itching in the transplanted area. He/she must not scratch it.
  • While taking a shower, you should prevent the transplanted area from getting wet for a while. Do wash your hair as our doctors instructed you.
  • You should not have sexual intercourse for a while.

The Post-Operative Process in Hair Transplant

There are some factors that will reduce the recovery time of the transplanted area and the area where your hair follicles are extracted as donors:

  • Excessive use of alcohol and smoking affect the healing of the transplanted area negatively. Especially in the first week, we recommend our patients to stay away from smoking and alcohol, and if possible, minimize their consumption.
  • After the hair transplant, scabs will occur on the patient’s scalp. You must never touch these scabs.
  • You should wash your hair regularly with special lotions and shampoos which are indicated by our doctors.

The First Wash of the Transplanted Area

After the hair transplant, the transplanted area is dressed by our specialist doctors. Afterwards, your hair is washed with special lotions and shampoos. After the first wash, your recovery time will speed up. The scabs will begin to fall off slowly. Before the first wash, a special cream is applied to the transplanted area and we wait for the cream to be absorbed. During this waiting period, the scabs, which are formed on the scalp, soften. Then, with gentle touches, the scalp is washed and rinsed. The first wash after the hair transplant is very important. It should be performed by specialist doctors, not by the patient. After the wash, rinse should be done very gently. Afterwards, you can wash your hair yourself as instructed by doctors.

How Should Hair be Washed After the Hair Transplant?

  • You should use lotions, shampoos and hair care creams which are recommended by our specialist doctors.
  • You can use the shampoo and the cream abundantly, however, you should do it with gentle touches while spreading the cream on your hair.
  • After applying the cream, you have to wait a while. In the meantime, your scalp will absorb the cream.
  • Do not use hot water after the shampoo, rinse it with warm water.
  • When drying your hair, you should use a soft towel and avoid making hard moves.
  • If an unexpected condition occurs after the hair transplant, contact our doctors immediately.