Beard transplantation operations became very popular in recent years. Fashion and new better transplantation techniques play a huge part in this. A lot of young men feel depressed about not having a thick beard. Beard transplantation can be a solution for you if you feel the same.

Nowadays, many hair transplant clinics also do beard transplantation. But this is a delicate process and requires expertise. This may raise some questions in your head so, we will answer the FAQ in this article.

Q1: Is the beard transplantation operation difficult?

A1: Beard transplantation is a simple operation. It takes about 3 hours. Thanks to the local anaesthesia, the patient does not feel any pain during the operation.

Q2: Where can I have a beard transplant and who performs the operation?

A2: Plastic surgeons who have expertise in this field carry out hair transplantation operations. Since the face is more sensitive, the surgeon is required to be experienced in this field.

Surgeons perform the beard transplant operations in a hospital environment or in government-approved hair transplantation clinics.

Q3: What is the difference between FUE and FUT methods in beard transplantation?

A3: FUE method is commonly used in hair transplantation operations. It is the successor of the primitive FUT method and is aimed at eliminating the disadvantages of the FUT method.

FUE method takes more time but it eliminates the risk of permanent scars. The healing period is much faster with FUE method because, unlike the FUT method, it does not require stitching. It allows surgeons to make adjustments such as the angle and the direction of the follicle. This gives more natural-looking results.

Q4: Which transplantation method should I prefer?

A4: As we said before, the FUE method is the common method used in transplantation operations. But since it is a more delicate process, it requires more experienced surgeons. Also, FUE method is not suitable for five of the patients. So, you should consult your dermatologist to learn which method is more suitable for you.

Q5: What results should I expect?

A5: Beard transplantations provide almost 100% of the patients with good results.

Q6: How long does it take for the face to recover?

A6: Your face visually heals in 3 days, but the pain and the sensations may continue up to 2 weeks. Within 4 to 6 months, your beard will have its natural look and feel.

Q7: How is the hair density determined?

A7: In the FUE method, it is determined by your needs and desires.

Q8: Can I have a beard transplant even if I have permanent scars on my face?

A8: The scarred area on your face must first be examined and analyzed. Then the surgeon can determine whether it is suitable or not.

Q9: I have burn scars on my face. Can I have a beard transplant?

A9: The surgeon must first examine and analyze your burn scars. Then he or she can determine whether it is suitable for you to have a beard transplant.

Q10: How is the pricing done in beard transplantation?

A10: Price varies depending on the number of follicles to be implanted and the method that the surgeon implements. There are also other factors such as workload and the experience of the surgeon. However, the main deciding factor is the number of follicles to be planted.