There are several methods to bring back lost hair. One of the most important methods is hair transplantation. However, most people mistake hair transplant for artificial hair. The difference between hair transplant and artificial hair is huge. As a matter of fact, these two concepts are nothing alike. There are a lot of factors that cause this difference. Here you can find a list of them;

Hair Transplantation and Artificial Hair

Artificial hair is a temporary solution. Therefore, it loses its practicality after some time. You take off the prosthesis and can’t use again. Hair transplantation, on the other hand, is a permanent application. You can use the product of this method lifelong with ease. In the prothesis hair method, the hair from somebody else is used and it is completely artificial. In the hair transplant, patients own hair follicles are used. Doctor takes the grafts from the patient himself.

You have to be careful while sleeping, having a shower or lying down with artificial hair. However, after the hair transplantation, you don’t have to be careful while using your hair. Moreover, you can do anything without concern.

When artificial hair grows long (a certain length), it may cause hair loss. Loose hair will never grow back. There is no such case in hair transplantation method. Even though there is hair loss, the loose hair will grow back in a short period.

Artificial hair is prepared in a short time. However, the duration of use is for a limited time period. Hair transplant may seem like a long process at first, but the hair is permanent and its patients’ hair.

As the name suggests there is an artificial look for the artificial hair. The hair that grows with hair transplant looks natural almost the same as the original hair. In addition, it is hard to prepare artificial hair according to the hairline. However, in the hair transplant, the hairline is taken into consideration.

For these processes, the patient should take a piece of professional advice from a clinic. However, as a suggestion, hair transplant is a better option as it gives a more natural look and genuine hair. There are lots of advantages of hair transplant. The biggest advantage of the hair transplant is that being permanent. If you say I can be extremely careful, you can use artificial hair as well.