The diagnostic process of hair loss may have different techniques, related to the type of hair loss, the area of loss and the amount of loss, so that we can identify the problem properly. The diagnostic process of hair loss occurs subsequent analyzes which will be done by specialists. Particularly related to the stress factor, it is not possible to understand the reasons of hair loss without analysis.

The hair falls which are thought to be based on the stress can be a symptom of another problem. Given all this, we notice the importance of process of diagnosctic of hair loss . The diagnosis of the problem of hair loss, changes relative to in the type of problem. For example, the problem which there may be diagnosed with a biopsy done with a local anesthetic, it can also be diagnosed with a hair, and analyzes and testing the root of it.

The method of biopsy applied with a local anesthesia allows analyzing the surface of the skin of the person. As the area is asleep, there is no pain felt. At the end of this, we will identify  the causes of the problems; appropriate treatment will be able to begin.

Apart from the biopsy, with the method of pulling hair, there may be a diagnostic. This method is used to determine the effect and the crossing points of the hair root. At the end of it, the source of the problem of hair loss is discovered and treatment can begin immediately.

Hair growth is observed with the technic of phototrichogram, thanks to this we can calculate the speed and intensity of hair growth. Similarly, thanks to this method, with a camera placed on the skin we can analyze the scalp in levels millimeter; the diagnosis required can be achieved.

In conclusion the choice between all these diagnostics vary depending on the problem you have. For this the doctor can give the best solution. It will make the proper diagnosis from your hair loss, and after finding the source, it will make you the best treatment