The hair transplantation operations are the most demanded aesthetic surgeries in recent times. They have helped many people with their balding problems throughout the world. With the technological developments in this field, now we can see a few different methods that are being implemented in the hair transplantation clinics.

DHI hair transplant is one of these techniques, and it is safe to say that it is the most advanced one.

The graft extraction process in the DHI method is actually very similar to the FUE method. The surgeon extracts each graft one by one using a special pen-shaped instrument. This allows surgeons to pick the best donor grafts, and thus, improves the chance of success.

But let’s talk about what makes the DHI method more advanced than other methods.

The planting process is quite different in the DHI method. Unlike in the FUE and the FUT methods, it does not require the opening of canals in the recipient area to place the grafts. In fact, the DHI method allows surgeons to simultaneously open canals and plant the grafts. This is done via the Choi pen, which is a sharp-tipped, special instrument used only on the DHI method. The DHI method basically eliminates the entire process of opening canals for donor grafts. This greatly improves the graft survival rate.

Advantages of the DHI Method

  • As we have mentioned above, it greatly improves the graft survival rate. But it also allows the surgeon to “fine-tune” the placement of the grafts. This improves the attachment of the grafts and provides more natural-looking results as well.
  • DHI Method also reduces the risk of damaging the recipient area. It helps the patient get through the operation with minimal pain and bleeding. Also, it eliminates the risk of leaving any scars on the patient’s scalp.
  • It greatly shortens the healing period after the operation. Fast recovery allows the patient to return to his or her life much quicker.
  • One of the most exciting advantages of the DHI method is that it allows the operation to be performed without shaving the patient’s hair. This is a big advantage for the women with shedding problems and anyone who doesn’t want to completely shave their head for the operation.

All these advantages of the DHI method make it the most advanced hair transplantation method today. Thanks to the DHI method you can regain your lost hair without shaving your head. Consult your dermatologist for more information about the DHI method.