Hair transplantation is a delicate process. It requires your and the surgeon’s as well as the clinic staff’s thought and care from start to finish. But your job continues after the operation.

The healing period requires your utmost care. You have to be careful during the first 2 weeks, especially during the first 3 days. But accidents may happen, and you may bump your head after having a hair transplant. So, how does a bump on the head affect your results? Does your newly transplanted hair get damaged? What can you do to avoid taking a bump to the head? Let’s explore the answers to these questions in this article we have prepared for you.

The Most Common Situations Where People Take a Bump to Their Head after a Hair Transplant

If you have checked the forums on this issue, you probably saw that many people have some concerns about this. Most of these people bump their heads the same day the operation takes place. This may seem a bit interesting but there are some reasons behind it.

Hair transplantation operation takes about 6 to 8 hours. This can be tiring for the patients as well. Besides, the surgeons use local anesthesia during the operation and its effects can last after the operation. This can be quite disorienting for the patient. If you combine a lack of sleep with these factors, you will probably think that it is a bit normal for people to bump their heads on the first day.

It is always safe to bring a company with you. But there are other instances where people bump their head such as during exercising, sexual intercourse, and sleep. Beware of these instances and try to avoid exercising and having sexual intercourse or at least act accordingly. Take precautions before sleeping and use extra pillows if necessary.

How Does It Affect Your Results?

It takes about at least 10 days before your newly transplanted follicles adapt to their new environment. Any hits you may take during this period can have bad consequences. You may lose some or many of your follicles depending on the strength of the hit. Your recipient area may bleed. This is especially dangerous as the blood will come out from the canals opened for the donor follicles. Your donor follicles may and will detach from your scalp with the pouring blood.

Small bumps don’t affect the outcome most of the time. If your head didn’t bleed after the bump, then you are probably safe. But if your head started to bleed after the hit, then the risk for damage is high.

We should note that the effects are not always immediate. Some patients experience hair loss the day they hit their head. But most of the time, the effects cannot be seen until the hair starts to grow. If you see some gaps after your hair grows, then it can be said that it is probably because of the hit you take on your head.

If you took a hit on your head and worry that it may affect your results, then consult your dermatologist. You can also consult the surgeon who performed your operation. Get yourself checked. Also regularly use the medications your doctor prescribed you.