Hair transplantation operations are aesthetic surgeries that are commonly performed throughout the world. Hair transplantation is the most effective treatment against the problem of balding. Hundreds of thousands of people get rid of their balding problem thanks to these operations.

Seeing the results of these operations requires patience since it takes about a year to see your results in full. One of the most confusing things about this period is the “shock loss” period. Losing your hair after having a hair transplant might seem very problematic at first. But it is a very common and natural phenomenon that happens after an FUE hair transplant.

Shock hair loss” period starts about two weeks after the operation and lasts about six weeks. But you have nothing to worry about during this period. It is perfectly normal.

Why Does It Happen?

After the hair transplantation operation, your donor grafts will attach to your recipient area during the healing period. But it takes time for your donor follicles to get familiar with their new environment. They go into the “resting” phase after some time to develop and become stronger. During this period, your newly transplanted hairs will shed.

Many might think that the operation wasn’t successful, and their scalp just rejected the transplanted hairs. But it is not the case. It is a normal reaction.

Once this period finishes, permanent hairs will start to grow in your balding area.

When Will Your New Hair Start to Grow?

This “resting” phase usually lasts about one and a half months. Once this phase is over, your donor follicles will be much stronger, and they will have adapted to their new environment.

Your new hair will probably start to grow after four months from the operation. But it is important to note that they will grow at different rates. So, it might be odd-looking at first, but in time, your hair will have a natural look and feel.

On the one-year mark, your hair will have thickened and your final results can be seen perfectly. As we said before, you have to be very patient after having a hair transplant. You will have to wait a long time to see the results.

What to Do During the “Shock” Period?

“Don’t be panicked!” is the first advice we can provide. But you might feel frustrated during this period. No one has ever felt good about losing hair. But no matter how much you get frustrated; you should never skip using the medications your doctor prescribed you. Keep your head moisturized but avoid touching it too much. You will get through this period in no time.