There are several factors that determine the success of a hair transplant operation. Some of these factors are effective before the operation, some during and some after the operation. The factors effective after the operation takes place are related entirely to the patient. In other words, how you care for your wounds after the operation affects the success of your operation.

One of the major rules that you must follow is to avoid intense physical activity. Physical activity, such as working out or having sexual intercourse, can damage your grafts.

Why Should You Avoid Sexual Activity?

Sexual intercourse is an important part of human nature. It is a need for our bodies and can be hard to avoid. But you must be careful during the healing process, or you might lose some grafts. This would affect your results badly.

During sexual intercourse, you might take a bump to the head. Any bumps you take during the healing process have a risk of dislocating your grafts. Your partner also might unwittingly damage your grafts during sexual intercourse. These are risks that you shouldn’t underestimate since they happen a lot. You may want to be safe during the healing process.

Sexual intercourse will also cause you to sweat a lot. Your grafts might get displaced while you sweat, especially in the first few days.

How Long Should You Avoid Having Sex?

Answer to this question depends on the healing rate as well as how well you take care of your wounds. Generally, most people can resume their normal life after three days, but complete healing actually takes a bit longer.

Two weeks is enough for your grafts to attach to your scalp. So, you should be careful during the first two weeks and follow your doctor’s bits of advice.

What Should You Pay Attention to While Having Sexual Intercourse After the Operation?

As we have mentioned before, you should be especially careful about not taking a bump to your head. You should also avoid rubbing your head to any surface. Your partner may forget that you had a hair transplant and touch your head. That’s a bit risky. You should also be careful while wearing or taking off your clothes. Any rough movement may damage your grafts. Finally, you should avoid sweating as it may also be damaging to your grafts.

Your grafts would have attached to your scalp after two weeks from the operation. So, you should be able to return to your normal sex life after two weeks.

If you want to be completely safe, then you may want to try masturbation. Patients often don’t want to talk about masturbation since it is a very private matter for them. But masturbation puts less strain on your scalp and eliminates the possibility of taking a bump to the head as well.