Hair transplant is one of the important aesthetic operations which requires expertise and care. The most important thing while having a hair transplant is to achieve a natural look. That is why, there are some important issues you should be careful about to have a successful hair transplant:

The 6 reasons for Causes of hair transplant failure

Every patient can have an unsuccessful hair transplant. It may depend either on the patient or the clinic, or both. Here are the most common reasons for why hair transplants fails.

Clinics with inexperienced specialists

No patient wants to have a weird and unnatural look after a hair transplant operation. Transplants performed by scorrect the failed hair transplant pecialists who does not have experience is one of the main reasons for unsuccessful hair transplant operations. Performing hair transplant by a specialist plays a big role in the final look after the operation. An inexperienced specialist may not be able to choose the donor area correctly during the operation. This situation causes the transplanted hair to fall out in a short time and as a result, the patient won’t be satisfied with the treatment he/she received. Moreover, not placing the grafts from the donor area correctly can cause the hair to have an unnatural and a weird look. That is why, patients should be treated by expert specialists. When choosing the clinic to have a hair transplant, we strongly recommend you to learn about the past operations of the specialist and search carefully.

Hair care mistakes after the hair transplant

Patients, as well as specialists, are also responsible for a successful hair transplant. The patient must do the hair care as his/her specialist says. Scratching the transplanted area or exposing it to external factors such as sunlight will affect the success of the hair transplant negatively. Also, the area should be treated carefully; if the patient does not wash it regularly, the area can get an infection or a disease. You should wash the transplanted area regularly with lotions recommended by your specialist, three days after the operation. Be gentle with the area while washing. Avoid sweating too much and also, if possible, try to avoid direct exposure to the sun. If you have to go out while it’s too hot, wear a hat. If you follow these regularly, you will increase the success of the hair transplant operation.

Insufficient donor area

If hair follicles in the donor area are not strong or dense enough, the hair transplant may fail. If so, the specialist must determine another donor area. At this point, wrong choices will affect the operation negatively. It is almost impossible to get successful results from the hair transplant if hair follicles are weak. Even if the hair transplant is done, the transplanted hair starts to fall out after a while. This situation affects the patient negatively. Once again, it is important to have an expert specialist to do the operation. If not, the specialist may not choose the donor area correctly and this can cost the patient’s dreams.

Having a hair transplant at a non-sterile place

It is important to have a hair transplant in sterile places. Otherwise, the transplanted area can get an infection and as a result, the patient can never have a hair transplant again. In order to avoid this, you must avoid having a hair transplant at unauthorized places. We recommend you to go to professional specialists in the field who have proven their success. Before having a hair transplant, you should search about clinic carefully. Otherwise, you can never get the hair you have always dreamed about.

Hair transplants with wrong techniques

In order to increase the success of the operation, correct hair transplant techniques must be applied to the patient. Before determining to use a technique, specialist should examine the patient first. During this preliminary examination, the specialist must be careful and analyze the hair correctly. This can only be achieved with an expert specialist, of course. If the used technique is not suitable for you, your hair transplant will fail. As a result, any operation to the reasons of a failed hair transplantwill be impossible to make. In order not to encounter such annoying situations, you should be careful before having a hair transplant. You should get your new hair in one operation, without feeling the need to have a second hair transplant. Don’t let illegal businesses to fool you with vain promises. You can only have a successful hair transplant if the specialist is an expert and has experience.

Making mistakes during a hair transplant

Making mistakes during the transplant is one of the reasons of a failed hair transplant. Before the hair transplant, the specialist determines the average number of hair follicles to take from the donor area according to the patient’s need. If the hair follicles from the donor area are more than needed, the patient can’t get a natural look after the hair transplant. Also, the hair follicles taken from the donor area should not be kept for a long time. The more they are kept, the more likely the operation will fail. This can cause to have a failed hair transplant, that is why the operation must be in 6 hours after the hair follicles are taken.

Before the hair transplant, the specialist marks the recipient area. It is important to mark the area correctly, otherwise the hair follicles will be transplanted at wrong angles. This will cause the patient to have a weird, unnatural look. If the hair follicles are transplanted at wrong angles, the patient will have this look and won’t be happy with the result. You can contact us if you want to have a hair transplant and get more detailed answer for “Why hair transplants fail?”. In our firm, medical interns never perform a hair transplant. We sterilize our examination room after each patient for your health. We recommend you to choose the clinics with experts in their field, in order not to encounter such upsetting situations.