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PRP & Hair Mesotheraphy

PRP & Hair Mesotheraphy

What is PRP?

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, can be described as blood that is enriched by plasma. In this treatment, one’s own blood is used.

How does PRP work?

First, one tube of blood will be drawn from the patient. After that, the blood will be enriched with plasma and a serum in order to create much more powerful blood.

How does the treatment process work?

This enriched blood will be injected into the skin and roots of your hair.

What is the effect on hair?

The main goal of this treatment is to prevent hair loss and strengthen the hair. With this method, your hair will grow much powerfully than before.

Is there any pain during treatment?

There may be insignificant pain caused by the micro needle during injection. After the process, there may also be initial pain in the treated area but it is not intense.

Are there any side-effects?

There are none since the blood belongs to the patient.

How much time does it take for whole process?

It depends, but roughly 30 to 45 minutes.

What is Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy is a treatment in which serum enriched by vitamins and minerals is injected into the skin of your hair.

How does the treatment process work?

In the first step, one strand of hair is extracted from the patient and examined. The examination process is necessary in order to learn what vitamins and minerals your hair is missing. A serum will be prepared for the hair’s needs. Then, the serum will be injected into your hair.

Who can get hair mesotherapy?

Since the main goal is to strengthen the hair and prevent hair loss:

  • People with hair loss because of anemia.
  • Pregnant women with extreme hair loss.
  • Hair loss tied to seasonal shifts.

How many sessions are necessary?

If it’s just a seasonal situation, one session will do. However, if it’s a much more serious problem, such as baldness, there may be a need to repeat the sessions.