There are many reasons for hair loss. One of them is mainly due to falls linked to skin diseases. The word “Primer” means, “principal” in Latin language.

The falls caused by diseases of the skin of the first level are evaluated in two categories. The Primer Hair falls are evaluated in two categories depending on whether if it leaves scars or not. This type of hair loss can be treated depending on the depth and the reasons for this problem. The Primer hair loss, which can not be cured, can be solving with the hair transplant.

The falls that leave scars appear to being linked to skin diseases. In these cases, it is essential to have a medical aid. It can be possible that there are other reasons behind these skin diseases which cause the hair loss. In Primer hair loss, which leaves no scars, the reasons are usually obvious.

For example, the hair loss typically male, called “androgenic alopecia”, are inherited by the parents through DNA. As always, have the option of treating falls due to genetics.

It is possible with hair transplantation to replace lost hair with hair natural and healthy. Other falls which leave no scar bear the names, telogen effluvium, Alopeci areate, Tinia capitis, Travmatik Alopsia. The Telogen falls are falls which usually appear after birthchild.

The Primer hair falls, which leave scars during or after the falls, which appear linked to skin diseases that are at the highest levels, types of falls with their names in Latin Cutenous Lupus, Folliculitis, Folliculitis Decaluans, Pseudo alopecia areata and Lenear Scleroderma.

By consulting our clinic, you can get information on hair loss, and if you have the Primer hair loss you can learn what you need to do. You can solve all these problems with appropriate treatment.