Hair problems are very common, people had hair problems in the past and in the 21st century, they still have these problems, such as hair loss, sparse hair, dull hair, oily hair etc. The common causes of these problems are genetic factors, stress, age, hormonal imbalance, vitamin deficiency and irregular nutrition. Hair care is an important issue for both women and men. Despite using lots of products for hair care, in some cases, whatever you do, your hair may not get the look you want. Eighty five percent of women have hair loss during postpartum and menopause.

Everybody wants to have healthy hair and that is why they try many methods such as eating healthy foods or using natural oils. Hair loss can be stopped with proper treatment after an examination by an expert doctor. Otherwise, there is a high possibility for the patient to encounter upsetting situations. One of the commonly preferred methods is hair mesotherapy.Hair mesotherapy nourishes the hair follicles and strengthens them, making the hair look voluminous.

What is hair mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy nourishes hair follicles and makes them healthier. Injecting many components such as vitamins, minerals, structures in the keratin layer of the skin, amino acids and surface expanders which are needed for hair growth and strengthening the hair follicles, directly into the scalp with micro injectors is called hair mesotherapy. Micro injections enable applying the medications containing a personalized formula which contains the nutrients required for a healthy hair and hair growth. These specially formulated medicines contain copper and zinc which prevent hair to become weak, hyaluronic acid which accelerates hair growth by feeding hair bulbs, various amino acids, growth factors that normalize blood flow and make hair denser, and coenzymes which repair the structure of the hair.

Depending on the problem, the specialist can choose the medical composition. Hair mesotherapy is one of the most common applications in modern cosmetology. It removes many of your hair problems by reviving hair bulbs, making the hair stronger, removing dandruff by nourishing the hair follicles.

What are the benefits of hair mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy repairs unhealthy and fallen-out hair; giving it a voluminous and healthy look. It removes the problems caused by malfunctioning sebaceous glands, making you get rid of bad look on your hair. It repairs split ends of your hair and increases the volume in the basal area. Thanks to the bulb which contains beneficial components for hair follicles, the hair is nourished and foreign bodies in the upper layers of the skin cannot enter. Hair stops falling out and it starts to grow. The sebaceous glands work in accordance with the scalp, so that the hair strands look clean and voluminous longer. Your scalp freshens, making dandruff disappear. Your hair looks voluminous, but still, you feel lighter while combing or styling your hair.

Before hair mesotherapy, what should you be careful about?

Before hair mesotherapy, there are some issues that patients should be careful about in order for the procedure to be successful. Having a regular diet and not being stressed increase the success of the hair mesotherapy procedure. If the patient uses a medication or has a health condition, such as panic attack, he/she must inform the specialist about It. Before the procedure, the patient cannot use a chemical product to the area. It may be even better if the patient is full during the procedure. Also, for women, it is important to perform the procedure 2 weeks after their menstruation. Hair mesotherapy can’t be applied during menstruation.

Hair mesotherapy gun and mesotherapy with injection

Using the hair mesotherapy device requires the utmost attention and care. Any wrong touch may cause minor injuries in the head area. Before having the hair mesotherapy procedure, the patient should think carefully, the pros and cons, and choose a specialist in the field.

Meso injectors or meso roller

You can also use the meso roller which treats the hair and scalp, used in most serum applications today. In beauty salons, meso injectors or meso rollers are frequently used.

The device consists of a large number of tiny millimetric needles placed on a common head and it has a handle. It is highly popular in cosmetology practice. Basically, it is applying the necessary treatment under the skin of the scalp with the help of the needles. It works in the same way as a gun. There are many needles penetrating under the skin. With one tap using a syringe, a group of needles penetrates into the scalp at the same time. This method may cause slightly more pain and discomfort than a single shot with a gun.

Who cannot have the mesotherapy?

Just like every medical practice, there are some cases in which mesotherapy cannot be used. This procedure cannot be applied to women who are pregnant and breastfeeding, people who are allergic to the components which the bulb may contain, people with endocrine system problems and people with malignant tumors.

Does having the hair mesotherapy hurt?

It depends on the patient’s threshold of pain. The occiput and ear are the most sensitive areas to injections and pain. Therefore, you may feel pain during the procedure. In addition, having mesotherapy is not recommended during the menstruation because the pain threshold is high during this period.

What should you be careful about after the hair mesotherapy?

In order to prevent discomfort and complications which may occur after mesotherapy, you should not wash your hair and go to the pool or spa for four days.

How many sessions does it take to apply the hair mesotherapy?

Depending on the needs of the hair, it is applied one or two sessions per week. After almost 10 sessions, the hair stops falling out. Each session takes about 40 minutes. The first four sessions are applied once a week, and the rest are applied once every fifteen days with intervals. Some specialists recommend having mesotherapy once a month.