Regardless of gender and age, many people experience hair loss problems. Most men experience hormonal hair loss, up to the age of 45. In some people, it starts at a very early age. It is possible that hair loss, which starts in adolescence and continues until middle age and later, can cause the baldness problem. As for women, hair loss generally occurs after pregnancy and during menopause.

There are many known treatment methods to prevent hair loss. But you have to apply them for months or even years to see the benefits. The exact solution to the hair loss problem is hair transplant. Hair transplant is a surgical operation performed by transplanting hair follicles, which are resistant to fall out, to bald areas. After this operation, the patient gets his/her old natural and permanent hair back. However, the operation must be performed by specialist doctors in the field. Otherwise, hair transplant operation may cause complicated problems. Therefore, patients who want to have a permanent hair transplantation  should have sufficient knowledge about hair transplant in order not to face any problems during and after the operation.

There are many techniques used during the hair transplant operation. Some of them are: Hair transplant without shaving, FUE hair transplant, DHI hair transplant etc. The patient who wants to have a hair transplant operation must be examined well. The number of hair follicles that the patient needs must be determined correctly to get the best result. Necessary precautions must be taken to prevent adverse situations that may occur during the operation.

Hair transplant also has advantages and disadvantages, just like any other operations.

Advantages of Hair Transplant

  • There are countless advantages of hair transplant. The most important one is that the hair transplant gives permanent and natural results, compared to commonly known solutions that are wrong to prevent hair loss.
  • After the hair transplant operation, the patient’s hair starts to grow again. The transplanted hair will be resistant to fall out. Therefore, the patient’s new hair does not fall out after the operation.
  • Sparse areas become completely hidden. The patient gets his/her beautiful hair back.
  • Hair transplant is a method performed not only at the beginning of hair loss, but at its every stage as well.
  • It can be performed to both women and men.
  • It is a solution proven to be permanent.
  • Hair transplant is performed by specialist doctors, when the patient is under the effect of local anesthesia. He/she does not feel any pain during and after the operation.
  • The patient gets rid of the baldness problem after the hair transplant operation. He/she becomes more confident.
  • Hair transplant operations can be performed to everyone aged 18 and over. There is no age limit.
  • The operation does not leave any scar behind.
  • It is a safe operation that does not require stitching and dressing. There is nothing for the patient to be afraid of during the operation.
  • The patient is discharged in a short time. Therefore, he/she can return to his/her daily life after the operation. Their work and life are not delayed.

Disadvantages of Hair Transplant

If the operation is performed by an inexperienced doctor:

  • The transplanted hair may fall out again.
  • Hair does not look natural.
  • There can be a serious wound on the donor area.
  • The patient can lose his/her hair.

The disadvantages of hair transplant occur as a result of the operation being carried out by inexperienced doctors incorrectly. Therefore, while choosing the clinic, patients who will have a hair transplant must research well. It is especially important for the patients who want to have a hair transplant operation in Istanbul to go to clinics that proved their success and have many references. You can contact us to view the hair transplant operations performed by our specialist doctors, visit our clinic and get more information about the hair transplant operations.