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Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery, which is called the regeneration method by surgical intervention on parts of the body damaged for various reasons, is also successfully applied in our country. There are health services with sufficient education, experience and equipment in this field, and successful results are achieved with surgical interventions on clinical patients registered in this sector.

Why is Plastic Surgery Necessary?

Although the purpose of all plastic surgery interventions performed in the clinic is to intervene in tissue loss, services for aesthetic appearance are also provided in the clinic.
Physiological and psychological health is supported in the clinic where limb ruptures and tissue deformation caused by traumas such as fire, birth, traffic accident and diseases are intervened.

Conditions Requiring Plastic Surgery

Conditions that require plastic surgery should be grouped under two headings. One of this heading is mandatory and the other is voluntary interventions, and the clinic provides services under both headings.

Situations requiring mandatory intervention;
• Congenital factors on the face such as palate, half lip
• Orthodontist surgical fields
• Ear deformities
• Structural disorders after traffic accident and tumor
• Intervention in breast tissue due to gynecomastia and cancer
• Repairs in genital organs
• Hand and foot problems
• Wounds
It can be listed as conditions that require compulsory plastic surgery.

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Is Plastic Surgery Expensive?

Plastic surgery procedures, each of which requires a special surgical intervention in its own field, vary according to the intervention to be performed. In addition, the quality of the material to be used, its naturalness, and the professionalism of the specialists in this field make this clinical service expensive.

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Op. Dr. M. Nebil Bozdoğan

Our Plastic Surgeon

Op. Dr. M. Nebil Bozdogan was born in 1959 in Istanbul. He completed his education in Ankara. He graduated from TED Ankara College in 1977 and from Ankara University Ankara Faculty of Medicine in 1983. He received his aesthetic and plastic surgery specialization in 1991.

He completed his military service in GATA Haydarpaşa Plastic Surgery and Burns Clinic in Istanbul. He worked at ONEP Plastic Surgery Clinic in Istanbul, in public hospitals in Ankara, and in the Plastic Surgery clinic of the university hospital in Leiden, Netherlands, and also in some clinics in Germany. He has 36 years of medical experience and 28 years of aesthetic surgery experience in all kinds of aesthetic surgery on the face and body. He also has 20 years of experience in hair transplantation and 14 years of experience in hair transplantation with the FUE method.

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Does Pain Occur After Surgical Intervention?

Pain is inevitable in compulsory surgical interventions. However, this process is painless with pain relievers. If care is taken not to get infected afterwards, the healing process will be faster. In voluntary surgical interventions, the process is shorter and the recovery period is also shorter. Although applications such as redness, bruising and itching may occur, they are temporary.

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