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Permanent MAKE-UP

Permanent MAKE-UP

What is Permanent Make-Up?

Permanent make-up is a process of pigmentation on the face with the help of a one-time micro needle that contains natural colors in it.

Where can it be applied?

Permanent make-up is primarily used for cosmetic purposes; however, it is also used for hiding the scars that are caused by accidents around the face.

Permanent Eyebrow Make-Up

Eyebrow make-up or eyebrow contouris used for out of shape, thin eyebrows. Using this method, thin areas in the eyebrows are filled with paints in order to get a younger and fresher look. After the contour, eyebrows may seem a little bit dark and contrasted, but after a couple of days, the fresh paint will wear-off and it’ll come to its natural look with just the right amount of color. There will be no pain in this process.

How permanent is permanent eyebrow make-up?

It is dependent on the person,but it can last roughly 2 to 5 years. Permanent make-up does not trigger allergies or side-effects.

Permanent Eye Make-Up

Before the actual operation, you will simulate your look with the specialist. Using this method, any eye make-up look can be achieved with permanent make-up. The goal here is to achieve a natural look with natural colors.

Is there any pain during the operation?

The area of the face in which our eyes are situated is highly sensitive. As a result, it is possible to feel a tiny amount of pain. After the operation, the area will be reddish and sensitive; however, this is only temporary, and it’ll wear off after couple of days.

Permanent Lip Make-Up

Lip make-up or lip contour is usually used for livening up the lips with a color, or to give them a fuller shape. There are two main reasons for this kind of make up: to thin out the lips for people with thick lips, or to thicken the lips for people with thin lips. Also, people who do not want to use lipstick constantly may choose to get permanent lip-make up.

Who cannot have permanent lip make-up?

  • People under 18,
  • People with mental disorders,
  • People with capillary vessel cracks,
  • People who suffer from eczema, fungal infections,or papilloma and other such diseases.

Permanent Make-Up for Camouflage

People who suffered from an accident or burn can choose to get permanent make-up in order to camouflage the scars.

Situations that allow Camouflage Make-Up

  • People who suffer from the disease known as Vitiligo,
  • People who suffer from burns, cuts, or other wounds,
  • People who suffer extreme hair loss
  • People who have surgical or other scarring