Hair loss, which has become more common in recent years, has become the fearful dream of individuals of middle age and above. According to researches, it is increasing day by day that people who have problems such as stress, intensive work and insomnia, are more likely to experience baldness. In addition, genetic factors have an unignorable impact on hair loss.

Most of the individuals who experience hair loss try to find solutions such as shampoo and hair conditioner. When these solutions don’t work, however, they start to do research about hair transplant application. The patient can be scared because there is false information or hearsay about the hair transplant application. The first question that most of our patients, whether they reside abroad or in our country, ask us is how much pain they will suffer during the hair transplant application. Hair transplant applications which performed with wrong techniques in the past, still continue to scare our patients. However, today, with the advancement of technology, painless hair transplant application is now possible.

Hair transplant can be done in different ways. It is generally done by transplanting the hair follicles, which are quite resistant to fall out, from the nape area to the areas with sparseness. During the hair transplant, local anesthesia is applied to the patient. Thus, the patient does not feel any pain during the application.

How is the Painless Hair Transplant Done?

Painless hair transplant is applied with microsurgical procedures, known as the FUE method. Thanks to this method, local anesthesia is applied with the medical devices that have a special tool on the tip. Your hair follicles, which are resistant to fall out, are extracted. In the meantime, the motor used to extract the hair follicles is taken to a low speed. Therefore, the comfort level of the application is boosted. Then, the necessary channels for the hair transplant are opened. Hair follicles are transplanted to the sparse areas, which are numbed with local anesthesia. Thus, the painless hair transplant is applied to the patient.

Recovery Time

Since there is no cut on the scalp, the recovery time is quite short. After this application that does not require any stitches, scabs occur on the scalp. However, it takes a short time for the scabs to fall out. The patient can be discharged the day after the application. He/she must make sure that the areas where hair transplant is applied and the hair follicles are extracted, (in other words, the donor area and the recipient area) do not contact with the sun and are not exposed to excessive heat for a few weeks after he/she is discharged.

Benefits of the Painless Hair Transplant 

  • There is nothing for the patient to be afraid of during the hair transplant.
  • Risk of infection is minimized.
  • It is a comfortable application.
  • The patient can return to work the day after the application.
  • The patient has natural looking hair.
  • Your hair does not fall out after growing again.
  • Painless hair transplant has proven results.
  • Your sparse areas are completely covered with hair. When your hair grows back, it becomes voluminous and healthy.
  • Painless hair transplant can be applied to patients of all ages and genders.
  • After the application, the patient looks younger and more confident.
  • Moreover, the patient feels at home in our clinic. We care about all our patients like one of our family, so there is not any situation that requires anxiety during the application.

Price of the Painless Hair Transplant

With our professional staff and the latest technology devices in hair transplant, we tend to serve you at the best price for years. We determine the price after a preliminary examination according to the needs of the patient. If you want to get a professional service at the best price, you can contact us.