Hair loss is a problem that many people around the world are suffering and had been suffering for centuries and it is possible to encounter a large variety of ‘’solutions’’ to put an end to hair loss and baldness. Although it is possible to take your chances with other solutions (some of which may even worsen your hair loss), the only permanent solution that makes your hair to grow naturally again is the hair transplant operation.

There are different methods and types of equipment that can be used while performing the hair transplant operation. In FUE (Follicular Hair Transplant) method micro-motors are utilized for loosening the hair follicles that will be extracted. There is also another way to perform this action which is the use of a manual-punch which is operated manually by the doctor as the name suggests. A micro-motor hair transplant is superior to the manual-punch hair transplant in many aspects such as the required amount of time for the process and the precision of the operation.

What are the Advantages of the Micro Motor Hair Transplant Over Manual Punch Hair Transplant?

The main advantage of the utilization of micro-motors in a hair transplant is that the required amount of time for completing the process of loosening by punching holes around them before extracting them by using a tool called micro forceps is greatly reduced due to the fact that the micro-motor tool is automated. An FUE hair transplant operation with micro-motors takes about 3-4 hours to extract the hair follicles in grafts, so imagine the amount of time that will be required for doing the same process manually by a manual-punch.

The second biggest advantage of the micro-motors in FUE hair transplant is that the diameter of the incisions around the donor area is smaller and they are made more precisely since they are tools which are specifically calibrated for this procedure.

Manuel-punches are still useful in some sensitive areas such as the neck or the face where the number of grafts that will be extracted is very small. But these areas are not commonly preferred to be the donor area since the first choice of donor area for the hair transplant operation is the back of the neck where the most durable hair follicles can be found.

Which One is More Suitable For You: Micro Motor or Manual Punch?

Using the micro-motor in a hair transplant operation is always going to be the first choice unless you do not have enough hair in the first choice of the donor area (back of the neck) and the hair has to be extracted from more sensitive parts of the body such as your face.

If you are considering a hair transplant that will require a large number of grafts, manual-punches are definitely not recommended because the duration of the operation will be very long and you will probably need multiple sessions. However, if you insist on having your hair transplant done manually by the manual-punch tool, you can ask your clinic doctor.