Having a hair transplant can be the ultimate solution to baldness. But hair transplantation is a delicate matter. Transplantation operations take a lot of skill and experience to be successful. In addition, the patient’s actions after the operation also affect the results.

There will be some itching on your head that you’re going to have to endure after the operation. This itching will continue throughout the healing period which lasts about two weeks. The severity of the itching may vary depending on the person. Factors such as environment, temperature and the method used during the operation are also effective.

For example, the severity of the itching can be significantly less after the operations in which the DHI method is preferred. This is because the DHI method doesn’t require canals which are opened by tiny slits in your scalp. It allows follicles to be planted with pen-like equipment without cutting your scalp. This doesn’t mean that it completely eliminates the itching. The DHI method will also leave some scars which may or will itch during the healing period. But since all of these scars are going to be tiny, they will heal in a much faster fashion. So, you will have less itching on your scalp and your itching will last significantly less.

What Can You Do About the Itching?

No matter how severe it may get, you should never itch your head during the healing period. You may badly damage your newly transplanted follicles with your fingernails. Your fingernails may open up the closed wounds and get these wounds infected. Your follicles may get detached from your scalp and fall out as well. These would affect your results extremely negatively.

Follow your doctor’s advice on which care products you should use instead of itching your head. These products will feed your hair, accelerate your hair’s growth and reduce the itching on your scalp.

But you should know that some products can actually make things worse or even harm your hair. Wrong products can get your wounds infected and, as a result, cause you to lose some of your hair. For this reason, you should follow your doctor’s advice and only use the product that he or she recommends.

Itching that occurs after your transplantation operation is perfectly normal. In fact, it shows that everything is going the way it should and that your wounds are healing. It will be reasonable to use the products your doctor has recommended such as special shampoos, lotions, creams, and medications. These products will help you a lot and make this healing period easier for you. If your itching gets unendurable, you may softly itch your head with your palm. But do it at your own risk. Remember, these are wounds, therefore, you should be very careful. If you believe that your itching has reached abnormal levels, then you should consult your doctor without losing any time.