Hair transplant is a surgical operation that offers permanent solutions to people who suffer problems such as baldness or hair loss. It is possible to find many methods to prevent or slow down the hair loss process; but the only permanent solution to have a naturally growing hair is having a hair transplant operation.

Although the success rate of a hair transplant is very high, a second hair transplant operation may be required for a couple of reasons. For example, if the hair loss process of the patient has not been stopped(generally the hair loss process stops at the age of 40) when the hair transplant operation was performed, the hair loss in other parts of the head may continue; another hair transplant may be necessary to fill the areas that had hair before the operation but fell after it.

Who can have a second hair transplant?

For various reasons, some people may have to take another hair transplant surgery. One of the most common reasons is having a large area for transplantation and needing too many grafts to fill this area. Another very common reason is trying to fix and replace your hairlines with a repairing hair transplant if you had a bad hair transplant earlier.

The hair transplant operations in some clinics may not give you the results that you desire. This may be because they did not calculate the needed grafts accurately or they did not preserve the hair follicles appropriately and the operation have ended unsuccessfully. In this case, you can visit the same or a different hair transplant clinic and you can ask for a repairing hair transplant. It will fix the mistakes of the first hair transplant that you had.

What is the maximum number of hair transplants you can have?

There is no such thing as the maximum number of hair transplants. How many times a patient can have a hair transplant operation depends on the patient’s donor area. As long as the patient has enough hair in the donor area and does not have any health conditions that inhibit the hair transplant operation, he can have multiple hair transplants. Back of the neck is always the first choice as the donor area. If the back of the neck is not available for being used as the donor area, then the other parts of the body such as chest, beard, arms and legs can be chosen as the donor area.

Not many people would desire to go through so many hair transplant operations. Choosing the hair transplant clinic and the doctor that will offer you the best results in just one operation is a more desired outcome. Just in case that your hair transplant have failed for the reasons we have stated above; it is possible to have a hair transplant for repairing a bad hair transplant or just having one that looks better than before.