Many people who plan to have a hair transplantation operation worry about the pain they might experience during the operation. This is also true for hairline surgery. But is it really painful?

What is Hairline Surgery and How should it be Planned?

First, we should inform you of what a hairline surgery is. Hairline surgery is a hair transplantation operation where the patient’s hairline is redesigned. Some people have receding hairline issues due to hair loss and some have their natural hairline far on their forehead. In either case, hairline surgeries provide patients with their desired hairline design.

Planning is essential in hairline surgeries. To get the best results, the patient’s hairline must be carefully designed. This will affect how natural the patient’s hairline looks after the operation. Although the surgeons listen to what patients want, they also have to consider the shape of the patient’s face. Otherwise, the result may look very unnatural.

How Painful is it?

The short answer is: It is not painful at all. The surgeons apply local anesthesia to the patient’s head during the hair transplantation operations. In fact, patients can do anything they want as long as it does not interfere with the operation.

Doctors prescribe patients with painkillers after hair transplantation operations. This is to ease the pain that may occur after the operation. If the patient takes these painkillers regularly, then there will be no issue regarding any pain.

Applying local anesthesia requires needles. Some patients have a dislike for the needles. In these cases, the doctors use the method of sedation to put the patient into a short sleep. They apply the local anesthesia while the patient is asleep. This sleep state lasts only a few minutes. Once the patient is awake, the surgeon begins to perform the operation.

We have mentioned that the doctors prescribe patients with painkillers after the operation. The patient must take these painkillers during the healing period to avoid any pain. The healing period in hairline surgeries lasts shorter compared to full hair transplantation operations. The pain that the patient might experience is also lesser. This is related to the number of grafts the surgeons have to extract and plant in these operations. Hairline surgeries require roughly about 1500 grafts. This number is quite low compared to full hair transplantation operations which may require up to 7000 grafts depending on the patient.

The wounds occur after a hairline surgery takes a maximum of ten days to heal. After that, the patient can quit taking the prescribed painkillers. But if the patient experiences pain even after this period, then he or she should consult a doctor. The patient should also consult a doctor if he or she experiences overwhelming pain during the healing period.

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