Turkey has become one of the prominent countries in the field of hair transplantation. Men and women of all ages are visiting Turkey for hair transplant operations for a more aesthetic appearance. Hair transplantation operations, with the developing technology, offer a painless and easy process. People re-creates a new life with a hair transplant.

Should You Be Afraid of Hair Transplantation?

The main reason people fear hair transplantation is their needle phobia. In addition, they are over-worried that their look may be worse or artificial than before. Scars and deficiency will occur in the area where the hair is removed. That may also increase fear. Inadequate information is the reason for this unreasonable fear. Thanks to the developed techniques in hair transplantation, the results after the procedure make the patients happy. Thanks to the FUE method, high rate of grafts can be obtained and very little trauma occurs in the donor area. These traumas, minor wounds recover in a very short time, which can be even a few days.

Are There Alternative Treatments for Hair Loss?

As an alternative to hair transplantation, there are prosthetic hair applications. This is a process of glueing the wig to the scalp of the head. It is more cost-effective than hair transplantation. However, it requires constant maintenance. In addition, as it is attached to the skin, it may cause irritation or allergic conditions on it.

Can Anyone Have a Hair Transplant?

Anyone who has hair loss problem after puberty can have hair transplantation. Nevertheless, the patient should have any skin disease in the scalp. Especially those who don’t have adequate hair follicles in the nape of the head can’t have a transplant. On the other hand, patients should not be allergic to local anaesthesia.

What are the Stages of Hair Transplant?

The doctor prepares the hair follicles on the back of the neck, then administer local anaesthesia. The follicles are kept in a special solution. The first stage lasts 1-2 hours on average.  Special devices open channels suitable for the person. As a final step, the specialist places the hair follicles one by one in the opened channels.  This application will determine future image. The direction, number and frequency of these channels are very important for the natural appearance. After a total of 5-7 hours, hair transplantation comes to an end. You can take short-term showers down the neck during the first three days. You can rub your head with a special lotion and wait for half an hour. After half an hour, you should wash your head gently with warm water.