While the amount of pain experienced varies from person to person, the answer to this question is usually no. Rota Life Clinic applies local anesthesia to numb the area during the procedure. Initial injections may be uncomfortable, but this discomfort is not unbearable. When the anesthesia starts to take effect, you will not feel any pain due to the FUE hair transplant procedure.

Anesthesia also prevents pain for a while after the procedure is completed. You may feel some discomfort and tenderness after surgery, but this pain is usually mild. In most cases, you can take back your normal activities the next day. After the operation, you should be very careful about your scalp. Your head should not receive any blows.

Hair Transplant Pain 

During the hair transplantation process, healthy hair follicles are collected from different parts of the body and added to the places where the hair on the head is sparse or absent.

Throughout the hair transplantation process, the area to be treated is first numbed with the help of local anesthesia, and in this way, no pain and pain sensations occur during the procedure.

Rota Life takes all the necessary measures to ensure that the whole process can go through in the most comfortable way for everyone and takes action accordingly.

Before Hair Transplant Surgery

Thanks to the anesthesia applied during the hair transplantation process, the patients do not feel any pain. The scalp is made ready for the procedure before the procedure.

Anesthetizing the scalp is done both by numbing the place where the grafts will be taken and by numbing the place where the grafts will be placed.

In this way, there is no pain and a feeling of pain in any of the treated areas.

The numbing process is done before starting the hair transplant. It is waited for a while for the area to become numb.

For this, your doctor will inject a small amount of anesthetic material under the skin to spread over many places. It is the same procedure that dentists do when anesthetizing the tooth.

Since the time to show the effect of the drug is approximately 10-15 minutes, it is waited for a while and the application is started when the patient is ready.

Will Pain Affect My Transplant? 

Thanks to modern hair transplantation techniques, you will not feel any pain during the hair transplantation treatment. You may very slightly feel the instruments, but it is absolutely not a pain or aching sensation and is not uncomfortable either.

Apart from this, the presence of pain does not affect the transplant process in any way. You should not think that your procedure will be bad or that your skin will retain hair less because you have had anesthesia.

How Long Does Pain Last After Hair Transplant? 

Since the effect of local anesthesia will gradually disappear in the post-procedure process, a feeling of pain begins to appear in the area. This situation can be resolved with simple painkillers.

You should definitely not put thoughts in your mind that the pain will be very severe and prevent you from your life.

Rota Life’s experienced hair transplant staff is experienced in the whole process. For this reason, they will do their best to help you get through the post-procedure period in the best way possible.