Grafts are the most important part of the hair transplantation operations. They are tissues on our scalps that contain hair follicles within. The surgeons carefully extract these tissues and place them inside the tiny canals opened in the balding area. That is simply the procedure of hair transplantation with the FUE method.

Grafts can contain between 1 to 4 hair follicles within. So, the number of your donor grafts is obviously important but the number of follicles these grafts contain is even more important. These two factors play a huge role in how your results will look like.

Preservation of your grafts during the operation is a crucial matter. It is linked to the number of grafts that are going to be planted. If your grafts are handled wrongly and kept in inappropriate conditions, they will expire and be useless.

Conditions for Preserving the Grafts

After the surgeons harvest the needed amount of donor grafts, the assistants place each of these grafts into small containers. These small containers are then kept in a low-temperature environment, ready to be used.

Losing 10% of the donor grafts is considered normal by many, but there are ways to even lower that number. As we know, the more grafts we have the better results we get.

Grafts are delicate tissues. They need to be handled very carefully. An experienced surgeon will have no trouble with extracting the donor grafts.

But after the harvesting process, they are left in the hands of the assistants or the technicians. They have to carefully place them in the special containers that will protect them from any damages.

Grafts should be kept in a low-temperature environment, and they shouldn’t be kept for more than 3 hours. They should be placed in the canals opened in the patient’s scalp as soon as possible. Again, experienced surgeons and personnel will be able to perform the operation with maximum graft survival rate.

There are three popular graft preservation methods. These are the saline solution method, HypoThermasol method, and IceGraft method.

The Saline Solution Method

The saline solution method is simply preserving the donor grafts in containers filled with a saline solution. Many hair transplantation clinics prefer this method since it is cheaper to implement compared to other methods. The grafts have to be kept at 2-8°C.

HypoThermasol Method

HypoThermasol is a special solution that doesn’t require any cooler such as a fridge. It can keep the grafts at 2-8°C. But since it is a bit expensive solution, most clinics don’t use this method.

IceGraft Method

IceGraft is another kind of solution that is used for keeping the grafts protected. It balances the PH levels within the cells and keeps them alive. The grafts have to be kept in a 2-8°C environment after being placed in the containers filled with this solution.