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ICE Laser Hair Removal

ICE Laser Hair Removal

ICE laser hair removal is a relatively new technology. It is possible to get ICE laser hair removal  in all four seasons. It has been a leading method of hair removal since 2014.

What is Ice Laser?

Ice laser technology is the least painful and the fastest method of all laser hair removal techniques. It  directly affects the hair roots with an 810 mm diode laser.

In traditional laser hair removal, hair roots are burned. ICE laser hair removal uses the same principles, but it freezes the hair root after the burn and therefore provides a painless experience.

Is it possible on any kind of skin?

Skin color or skin type does not affect treatment with ICE lasers. Even recently tanned skin can receive it. It can be applied on anyone, any time.

Is there any pain?

No. With the freezing effect, it is completely painless.

Is it possible to apply on the face?

Yes. The main reason that conventional laser hair removal  does not work properly on the face is that the hairs there are very thin and light-colored. However, ICE lasers are more precise than conventional lasers; therefore,they can give the expected results more correctly even on thin hairs of the face.

Who can not receive treatment?

Pregnant women, cancer patients, and people with luminous sensitivity cannot get an ICE laser hair removal. Specialists will run the necessary tests and will determine the availability of the operation.

Is there a special time period for the operation?

As this hair removal technique is completely painless and harmless, it is without any side effects. That means one can get ICE laser hair removal anytime, any season.

What are the perks of this technology?

The biggest perk of this technology is that it is painless and there are no side-effects. This method can be applied to anyone and it is very comfortable. This technology also saves time as it can be done in 30 to 45 minutes per session. It can be applied in four seasons, even after tanning.

After the hair removal

Unlike the conventional laser hair removal, ice laser epilation does not require special treatment after the operation. One can easily continue their daily life.