Seasonal hair loss is something that everyone experiences. It can happen to both males and females. Seasonal hair loss occurs during the months of spring and autumn seasons. Our hair weakens during these periods because of the change in climate and temperatures. As a result, our hairs start to fall out, especially if you hadn’t taken some precautions.

You can get through these periods with minimal hair loss by taking some measures beforehand. April, May, and June are important months in this case as your hair falls out severely during these months. If you provide your hair and your scalp with sufficient nutrients, you can strengthen your hair follicles. This greatly reduces your hair loss during these months.

Feed Your Hair

You have to feed your hair with the needed nutrients in order to reduce the seasonal hair loss. One way to do it is by changing your diet. Eating food rich with keratin and vitamins certainly helps. Vitamins E, A and C as well as folic acids, niacin, and biotin are especially beneficial for your hair. Try to eat food that contains them. But you can also get these nutrients through supplement capsules. You can make your hair stronger and resistant to shedding by consuming these nutrients.

PRP and Hair Mesotherapy

Supplemental treatments such as PRP and Hair Mesotherapy can be very helpful against seasonal hair loss. These treatments involve injecting of needed nutrients into your scalp. They stimulate the regeneration of cells on your scalp. This helps your hair to become healthier and stronger. When applied before the seasonal shifts, they will strengthen your hair follicles for the upcoming fall out period. Preparing for this period is crucially important.

Mixtures and Hair Masks

There are many mixtures and hair masks that can provide your hair with the necessary nutrients. You can prepare these mixtures and hair masks at home as most of them contains east-to-find ingredients. Finding, preparing and applying these home-made supplemental treatments will help your hair get through the seasonal shifts. But remember that you have to apply them regularly.

Get a Haircut

You may not want to get a haircut while losing hair, but getting your hair cut actually helps a lot. We said that the seasonal shifts damage your hair. It mostly causes your hair strands to break and have split ends. These strands of hair are prone to fall out, and the best way of getting rid of these hair strands is to have them cut. Visit your hairdresser without losing any more time. Your hairdresser will know how much of your hair needs to be cut in order to get rid of the breakage.

Reduce Styling

You should avoid styling your hair during the seasonal changes. Because the methods we use for styling our hair are often very damaging to our hair. Hairstyling products such as hair gels and hair sprays harm your hair with their chemical content. Styling your hair with curling irons and straighteners also damages your hair as the heat is very harmful to your hair. Reduce styling your hair and you will be fine.

When Should You Start?

Applying these rules to your life will help you immensely. Starting too late won’t provide you with your desired results. March is the ideal time for you to start applying these rules.

Seasonal hair loss is only temporal. But if you don’t take any precautions, it may affect the health of your hair in the long term.