The most fundamental goal to achieve in a hair transplant operation is providing a natural looking hair to the patient. The front hairline is the most eye-catching part of a person’s hair because it is the first part that they see; therefore having a proper front hairline design is very important to have a hairline that looks natural.

How the hairline for the hair transplant is determined depends on the natural hairline of the patient. It would not be appropriate to use the same hairline plan on every patient because the natural look of the hairline differs from one person to another. Therefore, a good hair transplant clinic is going to plan an individual hairline that will look as similar as possible to the original hairline that you have or had.

There are 3 types of hairlines on a person’s face; frontal, temporal and frontotemporal. Frontal hairline is the most apparent and significant of all the other hairlines. A good planning is crucial for the front hairline so that the patient receives the most natural look from the hair transplant operation.

Which factors are considered while designing the front hairline?

Hair transplant operations are usually performed in order to recreate the hairlines that surround the face in the most natural way possible. Designing the hairlines for the hair transplant operation is one of the most important steps. It requires elaborate work from the doctors and the other technicians because the hairlines are the first parts of hair you see when you look at someone’s face.

The hairlines on the sides of the face are temporal hairlines. The hairline in the middle front is the frontal hairline. Frontal and temporal hairlines are angled at both the left and the right corner; this angle is the frontotemporal hair angle. Designing the frontal, temporal and frontotemporal hairlines are extremely important in a hair transplant procedure. It is different for each patient.

The front hairline is the most apparent hairline among all the other hairlines. Therefore it requires the most elaborate hairline design which will be planned according to the patient’s age, gender, shape of face, type and style of hair and various other factors in order to get the best results.

Where should the front hairline be?

While determining the area where the front hairline will start, the hair transplant doctors use golden ratio. So that the front hairline will fit with the rest of the face. Although some doctors may determine the place of the hairline by using different methods from one another; there are some general applications that all the hair transplant doctors follow.

The front hairline should start one centimeter above the wrinkles you get on your forehead when you lift your eyebrows up as much as you can. Although this may differ from one person to another; the gap between the front hairline and the eyebrows are approximately 7 or 8 centimeters.