The shape of the eyebrows plays a very important role in a person’s appearance. It is located right above the eyelids and anytime we want to convey a message with our facial expressions by using gestures and mimics, we use our eyebrows. The role of the eyebrows in this process of delivering non-verbal messages is so crucial that it is almost impossible to look at a person who does not have any eyebrows and tell if he/she is angry or happy.

We all know about the impact of the eyebrows on a person’s general appearance, it gives unique characteristics to the person but it is possible for a person to lose his/her natural eyebrows due to a number of reasons. Some people try to solve their eyebrow hair loss issues by drawing eyebrows or having permanent tattoos, but these solutions are either temporary or unnatural. Luckily the modern hair transplant clinics of today offer the solution of eyebrow transplant operation to the people who are suffering from eyebrow hair loss.

Who Can Have an Eyebrow Transplant Operation?

Although the eyebrow transplant surgery is an option that is chosen by the people who lose their eyebrow hair due to accidents, medical operations or genetic factors, people who are not satisfied with the density or the natural look of their eyebrows are also suitable for the operation as long as they do not have any diseases or health conditions that will prevent the application of local anaesthesia which is needed for the eyebrow transplant just like it is in all the other hair transplant operations.

How is The Process of Eyebrow Transplant Operation?

Eyebrow transplant operation is performed in a way that is very similar to the hair transplant operation. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method is used while performing this operation which means that the healthy hair follicles are extracted in grafts from the donor area by using a micromotor and while they are being processed and preserved in a special solution which prolongs the life cycle of the hair follicles, lateral slits are made for opening canals on the eyebrows and after that, the hair follicles are carefully placed in the canals.

This whole process takes about 2 to 3 hours and the patient is under the effects of local anaesthesia which means that he will not be feeling any sort of pain or discomfort during the operation. The results of the eyebrow transplant operation are permanent and if the proper care is taken after the operation, the success rate is very high.