Hair transplant is a surgical operation performed by transferring healthy hair follicles, which are resistant to falling out, to the thinned or completely bald hair area. During this surgical operation, many channels must be opened in the donor and the recipient area. These channels are one of the main factors which affects the success of the hair transplant. At this point, the specialist’s experience will increase the success of the operation. If the channels are not opened using the right technique, the hair will not have a natural look after the transplant. Moreover, it will be very hard and costly to correct the mistake made while opening the channels in the hair transplant. Therefore, the hair transplant is a serious operation which must be performed by expert specialists.

How is the opening process done?

Before the process begins, the direction of the channels is determined by our specialists according to the direction the hair grows. Then, the opening technique is finalized by a team in our clinic. There are many methods for the channel opening process in hair transplant.

  • Sagittal Slit: It is a channel opening technique applied by making small slits in the donor and the recipient area. After the operation, there will be scars in the recipient area. Therefore, the specialist must stitch up the area the channels are opened. It is very difficult to find the right angles and make slits accordingly, no matter how expert he/she is. For this reason, it is not preferred today.
  • Perkutan Technique: In this technique, special tiny needles are used to open round channels in the recipient area. Healing takes short time because the opened channels are quite small. However, it costs more than other techniques, since it takes quite a long time.
  • Lateral Slit: It is one of the most used techniques today. In this technique, the opened channels in the donor and the recipient area are very small. This technique increases the possibility of getting a natural look after the hair transplant. The opened channels do not require stitches and leave no scar after the operation. In the FUE hair transplant technique, the channels are opened using the Sapphire technique while the DHI technique uses the Choi, however the Sapphire FUE is commonly used.

Take these into consideration

  • The most important thing in the channel opening process is the equivalence between the hair follicles and the channels. The depth and the width of the hair follicles and the opened channels must be equal to each other. Otherwise, the hair follicles will not be able to grow and the patient will not have the natural look he/she wants. For this reason, the transplant must be performed by specialists in the field and in clinics that have proven their success. You can contact us if you want to have hair transplant service by experts.
  • Another important thing in the channel opening process is that the channels in the recipient area must be opened according to the growth direction of the hair follicles in the donor area. If not, the transplanted hair will grow opposite direction to the natural hair, which will make the patient have an unpleasant look. Specialists should be very careful as it will be highly expensive to correct this mistake.