Most people suffer from having a wide forehead, although we don’t realize it. There are quite a few people who grow their hair and get a bang or comb it forward because they are uncomfortable with this situation. Hair transplantation to the forehead aims to provide patients with a natural looking frontal hairline. The hairline is one of the factors that really pay attention when giving the first impression to the people opposite. A smooth hairline adds aesthetics to facial beauty. Both men and women can have hair transplantation on the forehead area.

Causes of Forehead Openings

Like every situation in the front area hair transplant, there are many reasons to do it. For this, it is necessary to examine the reasons for the forehead opening first. These; congenital, hereditary, forehead opening, hair loss in the forehead area, due to forehead opening and male pattern hair loss.

Hair transplantation is applied to the areas where no hair grows in the hereditary forehead opening and the problem is solved.

Hair loss in the frontal area is a situation experienced afterwards. Due to stress, distress, and aging, hair loss occurs in the anterior hairline, causing an opening. In such cases, the causes of hair loss should be examined by expert teams and these reasons should be eliminated. After a certain point, hair transplantation is applied to the thinning area in the hair loss and a smooth appearance is achieved.

In male pattern hair loss, spills that develop later and progress rapidly occur. Genetic factors are the most common reason for this. In male pattern hair loss, the hair on top gets weaker and appears like like feather. Later, spills are seen in the forehead area. As a result, it causes baldness. The problem is solved with detailed regional hair transplantation performed by expert teams with an early diagnosis.

Hair Transplantation to the Forehead Area

Hair transplantation to the forehead is the most accurate method applied during the process is micro FUE method. Grafts are taken one by one from the donor area and transplanted meticulously one by one. The most suitable front hairline is created for the patient. There is no difference in the application of hair transplantation to the forehead, compared to other areas. However, the number of grafts to be transplanted is less in the forehead area. Therefore, it costs less. The low number of grafts transplanted allows the patient to recover quickly and easily. If you want to have a hair transplant on the forehead, you can contact us and talk to our expert team.