Thanks to advancing technology, new methods are found in hair transplant. Alternatives for patients, who want to have hair transplant, have increased considerably. Today, not only hair follicles, but also hairs taken from other parts of the patient’s body have become applicable in hair transplant. Now, hair follicles can be taken from areas such as chest, back and beard for such operations.

Hair transplant from beard to head is a surgical operation, performed by extracting the hair follicles from the beard, using the FUE method if the hair follicles in the neck (donor) area are weak. During the process, areas such as the neck, under the chin and over the beard are generally used. Thus, the beard density of the patients does not decrease, and their beard does not fall out.

How is Hair Transplant from the Beard Applied?

Hair transplant from the beard is performed by transferring the hair follicles taken from the beard, to the hairless and sparse area, using the FUE method. Just like the normal hair transplant, hair follicles are extracted from the donor area of the patient. The productivity of the hair follicles is checked. Then, they are transplanted to the opened channels in sparse areas by our specialist doctors. The process is performed with certain steps, respectively:

  1. First, the beard of the patient is checked. At this step, it is determined which area is suitable for the hair transplant: under the chin, neck area or upper parts of the cheekbone.
  2. The beard is shaved to be ready for receiving donors.
  3. Local anesthesia is applied to the beard area. After this step, the patient does not feel any pain.
  4. The extracted hair roots are separated. Thus, they become ready for the transplant.
  5. In order for the patient not to feel pain, anesthesia is applied to the sparse areas in the hair.
  6. Channels are opened in the sparse areas and the hair follicles are transplanted in them.

Why is Hair Transplant from the Beard Performed?

Many studies have shown that the hair follicles taken from the beard area give better results, compared to the other areas. Although hair follicles can be taken from most parts of the body with the FUE method, hair transplant from the beard is the most preferred technique.

Who Prefers It?

Hair transplant from the beard is preferred by:

  • patients who don’t have enough donors in the nape area,
  • patients with a fine hair structure,
  • patients who have hypersensitivity in their neck,
  • patients who are completely bald and want to have a complete hair transplant.

Advantages of Hair Transplant from the Beard

  • The beard area contains more dense hair roots compared to the other parts of the body. For this reason, the transplanted hair grows bushier.
  • Recovery time is pretty short.
  • The hair on the beard area ends completely, as no hair will grow again in the area where the roots are extracted.
  • The process is shorter for hair follicle removal for the second time.
  • It is a good alternative for bald patients who want curly hair. That is because hair follicles taken from the beard area grow wavy and curly.

Be Careful about these in Hair Transplant from the Beard

Hair transplant from the beard requires more expertise than the normal hair transplant operations. The rate of falling of beards before the operation must be analyzed well. Otherwise, there is a risk that the patient’s hair will fall out again. Therefore, the operation must be done by specialist doctors. You can look at the experiences and references of our specialist doctors in our clinic at any time.

The Price of Hair Transplant from the Beard

Hair transplant from beard to head has increased considerably in recent years in Turkey. Accordingly, patient complaints increased after having the hair transplant from the beard. Studies have shown that this situation is caused by the insufficient resources, inexperienced doctors, non-sterile clinic environment, etc. Our primary advice to patients who want to have a hair transplant, is to choose reliable firms that have proven itself with its references, not a clinic that offers the lowest price.

The prices of hair transplant from the beard vary according to the number and experience of the doctor, anesthesiologist and other specialists, working during the operation. However, the most important matter in determining the price is the number of grafts, i.e. the number of hair follicles which will be taken from the beard area. Therefore, it is not possible to give an exact price before an examination. You can get examined in our clinic, and learn the best price that we will determine according to your needs.