The hair roots, is the area in the body where there is more blood flow. Similarly, the cells of hair roots which are very sensitive because of the blood circulation, lacking often various minerals, due to illness or other biological factors become dysfunctional and cause hair loss.

The hair root cells, like they are very sensitive, are often affected by the disturbances happens in the body. Hair cells that are affected by these diseases may have deviations from their life cycle, and easily switch to the second or third cycle, ie the period where there is hair loss. There may be several reasons causing the loss of these cells which are very sensitive.

Apart from genetic reasons, there may be losses related to dozens of different reasons. Hair loss can occur, being linked to diseases, but could be a symptom of various diseases. Sometimes hair loss is shown as one of the greatest simptômes of certain diseases. For example, if you have AIDS there will be hair loss.

Hair loss due to disease is a condition that can be seen in several diseases. In general, in diseases such as, AIDS, Lupus Erythematosus, secondary syphilis, Hypotiroidi, Hypertiroidi there are falls. Apart from these diseases, many of health problems can cause the hair loss. If you want to learn if your hair loss is due to a health problem, you should go be checked by a doctor.

The hair loss can be counted as a symptom of disease, can save you of developing a serious illness. The hair loss can be linked to various diseases and health problems, but the deficiency, protein, iron, zinc, biotin and magnesiums, minerals that the body still needs can cause loss of hair.

Our hair is sensitive. If we are not careful, there may be the various reasons of fall. At the same time, more than our hair is sensitive; they are protective in various fields. For example, the hair loss which can be a symptom of disease may prevent the development of disease, which can be a risk for your life.