In general, as the most important reason of hair loss is the genetic structure, like it is very difficult to be transfered to the women, it’s very rare to seeing this type of fall in women. The cause of hair loss in women is not a situation which is genetically transmitted.

Hair loss is a problem rarely seen without being linked to health problems or genetic. The hair cells can exercise its functions throughout life without a serious fall, without leaving an esthetic appearance, and continue to live with humans.

In women, hair loss varies depending on certain factors. In general, once the cause of hair loss in women is found, it is possible to prevent this, with treatment. We use the method of hair transplantation, when the treatment does not give a good result or when the reason is not quite found. The reason for hair loss for women is also easier than the treatment.

One of the most common causes of hair loss in women is the hormonal imbalance that occurs during pregnancy. During pregnancy, falls are the result of a hormone imbalance; this loss takes a maximum period of two to six months. After this time, of course, a full recovery is made and hair loss is avoided. All hair loss common in women is almost entirely due to this reason. Due to the decrease in the influence of the hormone of telogen effluvium, hair loss can be seen clearly.

Seeing this, women often panic and think there is a problem with them. However, these thoughts are completely unjustified and unnecessary. Furthermore, more this hormone will be less active, more there will have falls. This process which begins with the childbirth can continue after the childbirth.

These falls can last up to 6 months, if not cured himself, can be treated by learning the reason through different tests. For women, even if the loss due to genetics is rarely encountered, it is always in the risk group. If there are the falls and the reason is not found, or the falls can not be treated, the hair transplant may be required.