Men are more likely to request the hair transplant. In the first row there are the genetic factors and reactions of different enzymes which meet. Hair loss in men, harms to the confidence in oneself and related to this creates the failure in the life of the person.

A person, who has no self-confidence, will have a bad objective of environment and will become prone to violence. After that, he will have great disasters, whether in personal or professional life. Apart from the psychological effects of hair loss, there are also physical effects. Hair, in the human beings, throughout history has been an important element that helps to evoke the aesthetic feelings. For this reason, hair loss and baldness will break the aesthetics aspect. The main reason for hair loss in men is hereditary.

Depending on the genetic structure and encryption, it is possible to see the falls in person. If, for parents there were falls, specially for men, because of dominant genes, it is highly likely that it inherits a same. Consequently, a hair loss in men can be inherited. We must accept that these falls are inevitable because of our DNA. With the genetic reasons, the hormones of testosterone and dihydritestostérone have important effects on the hair.

The testosterone, so, the male hormone, is converted into dihydrotestosterone when it reacts with the enzyme alpha-reductase. When dihydrotestosterone, interacts with the hair roots can cause the falls. Mainly due to the hormones which may extend throughout the body, there may seeing the falls in some people. In men, the greater the amount of dihydrotestosterone will be higher than the amount of testosterone, more the falls will be more intense.